Monday, June 30, 2008

Friendship Food

Quote of the day: "The wok must be hot" - Viro

My afternoon was slow and wet. I came home to find Vv alone, in her scrubs and pajamas.

Hahahahaaa her scrubs were stolen from GH and printed "Untuk kegunaaan hospital sahaja" (still got the cheek to wear to sleep and all over the place!). We caught up for a bit and she went on watching How I Met Your Mother until Pisa returned to the crib. Pisa has been running in and out of the Dean's Office for paperworks and whatnots, got a lot of shit from different individuals too. Bless her.

Highlight of the day was dinner at DRUZHBA! We rendezvous-ed with Boss at M.Novoslabodskaya around 9pm. We charged into the Chinese joint like a bunch of hungry wolves, settled down comfortably in the heavy Oriental decorated restaurant. Each of us picked a dish while I ordered in Mandarin. Speaking Mandarin to these Chinans always gives me a slur. Lucky I my tongue didnt tangle up. We had a sumptuous feast of Ma Po Tofu (told you I'd be back for more LOL), Stir-fried Brinjal, Chicken with Bread Crumbs and a Pork dish. Yums!!

Viro choosing her dish.. "Oi, woman! Fasterlahhh"

Boss and Pisa, feels good seeing them together~

Dishes prepared in less than 10 minutes! Except the pancakes (no wok LOL)

Taken before dinner from the left angle, nicer ;)

And guess what, all of us ate with chopsticks! Food came in the speed of lightning, Pisa didnt even have time for a smoke! I tell you, these Chinese can really operate business. If we had gone to Devi's (Indian food), we would have to wait at least an hour for a sight of Naan. Serious!

After dinner, we sat around yakking. It was pure joy. Then we started to feel sleepy.. Food Coma kicked in LOL As soon as we got up from our chairs to leave, Gary and Justin passed our table. They had their dinner there too. Maybe it was just me but Justin ignored my presence (he greeted everyone). Pfffttt. What's his beef with me? I didnt welcome his girlfriend to ZONA Club issit LOL Whatever.

Fish tank for good feng shui (even when the seaweed's fake :P)

Verrrrrry Chinese, eh?

Uhmmm.. I was particularly amused with the disco ball on the ceiling LOL

Tomorrow Leed Wi and his friends will come to Moscow. I have made plans to meet him, prolly for dinner to but that is up to Turkish because we are meeting in the evening. I suppose he would join if timing is right. Then on Wednesday, I have to make a run to the Dean's Office to seal the deal. On Thursday, I will attend Hannan and Shida's Graduation! Basically M2's Graduation. I reckon it's a good idea to do so because that gives me an opportunity to see my RSMU counterparts for one last time :)

Sunday, June 29, 2008


Quote of the day: "There is mass, like the luggage. Even when empty.. it still weighs" - Turkish

I really don't understand why this traveling circus at M.Rechnoi Vokzal isn't heavily promoted like Nikulin's or Moscow's Great Circus. Turkish and I went for the 3pm show, it was excellent. The circus is located deep inside Park Druzhbii (Friendship Park). We arrived an hour earlier to check out the area. Lush green, enormous lakes and a couple of fields for American football.

Hehehee some old farts fishing by the lake

A struggling mother pushing her pram through mud/puddle

Couldn't help it, the pigeon posed for me LOL

The weather was gloomy but our moods werent dampened by it! Safari Circus, here we come! There's a statue in the park, of a couple holding an olive branch (looks like it) high in the air and around them were 5 bronze plates of the continents. Like the Olympic rings- Asia, Australia, Africa, America and Europe. Turkish and I took turns posing with the plates, some cheap thrillslahhhh :P

The Friendship Statue ;)

Clockwise : Asia, America, Europe and Africa (Turkish meditating there)

Ta-daaaaa!! Australia Down Under LOL (gosh, I look evil)

I love our little outings. It's beautiful to have someone who enjoys what you like. Walks in parks, taking the Metro.. I know we've only been together for like 4 months, it could just be the honeymoon period and all but I really have a good feeling about us. The BIG step I plan to take secures the relationship and this much proves how I determine I am about our relationship :) He makes me happy. Better yet, he makes my entire family happy!

Yeahhh, the Safari Circus. It's strange how it's difficult to purchase tickets from kiosks. I have asked twice from different companies and they ran out of seats. I was damn excited to see the colourful tent, so was Turkish! We were discussing yesterday how we wished the circus nowadays would be like the Gimboli's circus, with cage caravans and gypsies and everything LOL Surprisingly, this Safari Circus was a little bit like what we wished for!! No fat, mustached Gimboli but there WAS a Gimboli, the ringmaster!! :)

Yupe.. ALL the animals featured on the poster performed!

Ancient circus posters! We found them pasted on the fences :)

Pictures I managed to capture in secret until I was caught :P

The 10-minute interval when picture taking with animals was free!!

The trapeze act was good, the acrobats.. all of them were awesome! Performers without safety or harnesses are always most entertaining. If there is some sort of string attached to their limbs are minus points. I mean, how to hold my breath if there isnt a chance for them to fall and break their neck? LOL Overall it was grrrreat. You know, halfway through the show.. it rained cats and dogs outside. The tent started to leak hehehee Classic. Even for a small scale traveling circus, they definitely left us impressed :)

Turkish and I are up for more entertainment. We have bought tickets to a New Opera titled Spartak for next Saturday! I cant wait! See. It's too good to be true to have someone to share my interests with!!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Boobies Boogie

Our night at Hard Rock Cafe definitely was a must-do.

Like the Chinese saying, "I don't know how much leg hair I've dropped in that place". Hahahahaha from casual dinners to birthday bashes (my 19th and 21st). We didnt manage to get a strategic table but towards the end of the night, I realised it was a pretty good spot! We could see everyone scurrying towards the dancefloor and the over-excited party people.

Wishi-wishu, myself, Turkish and Pisa (V's taking the pic)

Pisa and Viro *smoooooches, babys*

Me and my sweet, sweet Turkish :)

The atmosphere reminded me of the Pushkin disco in the good old days. Packed with Russians, young crowd, dancing as though being electrocuted on high voltage! Village People's YMCA is still a hit, always THE song to get the crowd moving. Sadly, the new HRC staff who starts aren't as enthusiastic anymore. Back then, they were really into it as though it was the gay calling and they had more than enough energy to run a march. I spotted some waitresses rolling their eyes. Pfffftttt. How unprofessional.

YMCA isnt as fun as it used to be

C4's classic Umbrella song, now I'm doing it to Wishnu :P

Turkish enjoyed people-watching. Wishi-wishu was hoping to drink on the Tequila cowgirl, I mean drink with.. or was it drunk her :P Vv, Pisa and I had a good 3 round of tequila shot. Oooof. Tequila *brrrrrrr!!*. Maybe I didnt dance or move much, the alcohol was just sitting in my stomach. Easily I would have "1 tequila, 2 tequila, 3 tequila.. floor!!". Lucky I managed to control myself LOL

Tequila cowgirl preparing our shots

Round 1 : To Viro, "Welcome back to Moscow!"

Round 2 : "Aaahhhh.. Hahhahahaa" *gulp*

Round 3 : .... just look at our faces LOL

The night was slightly amiss without Boss around. He was prolly on the train returning from St.Petersburg with his folks. It's always strange to see Pisa in action without her other half. Nevertheless, we all enjoyed ourselves. Wishi-wishu wasnt in his best mood though, tired perhaps. He headed back to the hostel and we dispersed from the joint too.

3 females doctors on the strip of Arbat! :)

Now, I can't wait to go to the Safari Circus tomorrow with Turkish!

Trippin' Morning

When Vv called me at 720am sharp for breakfast at Starlite Diner, I woke up faster than I went to bed last night. I was THAT excited. Pisa's folks have left for Copenhagen so they were returning from the airport. Breakfast was fun, considering that I havent spent much time with Vv since her Mission To Moscow's comeback. I was surprisingly energetic this morning, Pisa figured it was the coffee. "Bahahahahaha CJ never drinks coffee!!!" :P

Errrr.. I suppose they were right LOL

I had an omelette, Pisa had Beef Benedicts, Wishi-wishu had sexy Sandwiches while Vv hit straight to dessert, a plate of whopping Banana and Pecan Pancakes. Foooossshhh, it was really yummy. Hehehee Wishi-wishu was my victim because I teased him being "Bart Simpson on a Sunday" (when he goes to church). It was true! The hairstyle!! LOL We had a lot of fun watching news on CNN, about Nelson Mandela's 90th Birthday party, Obama and Clinton's pact (best friends now ehhh) and some other news. I remember one had fire chimneys.. oil issue I suppose.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day *snicker*

See what I mean!

Vv posing with everyone, her blissful expression with Pisa

After that, we lala-ed in Ashan City. Checked out a couple of shops, not to say damn interesting sales or what. The mall was very empty, well, it wasnt even noon yet. Pisa announced that shes got damn a lot of things to buy, so we went to the hypermarket. Vv even pushed a huge ass trolley around. Wishi-wishu needed hair gel, I needed body lotion.. OMG, it was massive. In the end, unintentional, all we bought.. or rather Pisa bought was..

Hahahahahaaa no shit, Sherlock!

I went on to meet Turkish and tonight, we would boogie at Hard Rock Cafe! Vv wants to scooter down memory lane by going to places and doing things she used to do. It is something very sweet she's doing.. though the gap's only 2 years. Not 20 hehehehee Actually, Vv's presence in the house, it felt either she never left or she brought the past back to us. Seriously speaking, its more of the latter :)

This is me, Viro and Pisa :)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Empty Emotion

You know what is weird, now that I have graduated.. I feel unoccupied. I don't see my groupmates anymore, come back to the apartment to see my room tidy unlike the past week scattered with luggages, Mummy and Fats. Boss and Pisa are out and about with their parents, Turkish and I are taking a breather (he works anyways) so yeahhh, that leaves me pretty alone to myself.

I need to start packing. I need to get some souvenirs. I need to be in touch with friends whom I havent heard from nor contacted. There's a whole list of stuff I could do but first, I need to clear my sleep debt first. I havent gotten enough sleep since ZONA Club. Then my family came, St.Petersburg followed by graduation and earlier I managed to drop dead from 2-9pm. More, more, more!!

Tomorrow I'll go to the Dean's Office for some errands, inquiry etc. I'm considering to stay here for Ordinatura. That's the continuation to specialise, I'm thinking of Dermatology. It takes 2-3 years and chances are high for me to stay. I don't know, I don't feel like discussing it in the open because it is not common (actually never) for a Malaysian. I would be the 1st Malaysian in 10 years to specialise in Russia. Sounds heavy. Well, there's always a pioneer so why not me? ;)

It could be a shock to many but I really don't see why not. I mean, it's all great and dandy to return home, serve the government and stuff.. that's what everybody does anyways. For me, Malaysia isnt the only way and I aim to make a life abroad. I like my life in Russia. Sure, all my batchmates are headed home, I'll be alone here blah, blah, blah but I dont agree that is a reason to jump into the bandwagon. I don't expect anyone to understand my decision nor do I care judgment of my step. I'll just have to see what rolls from here.

Christabel and Quek came up with an idea of a Scrapbook. Excellent idea. Everyone was requested to submit a questionnaire and pictures taken over the years. I was one of the firsts to email everything LOL I am a sucker for these things. They are priceless as far as I'm concern. My answers to the questionnaire were brief, I wish I could have written 3-pages long of words and make it as personal as possible but it's too late to change it. I was too excited :P

This is the one song I've always wanted to sing at the end of my studies. I missed it when SSM days finished, now I've gotten my Medical degree and yet, never had the chance to do it. When Christabel proposed that each group make a video, I wanted to suggest we do an MTV clip of it but there was not enough time. So here you go.. (the clip's high school but the lyrics apply)

So we talked all night about the rest of our lives
Where we're gonna be when we turn 25
I keep thinking times will never change
Keep on thinking things will always be the same
But when we leave this year we won't be coming back
No more hanging out cause we're on a different track
And if you got something that you need to say
You better say it right now
'Cause you don't have another day
'Cause we're moving on and can't slow it down
These memories are playing like a film without sound
I keep on thinking of the night in June
I didn't know much of love but it came too soon
And there was me and you when we got real blue
We'd stay at home talking on the telephone
We'd got so excited and get so scared
Laughing at ourselves thinking life's not fair
And this is how it feels...

As we go on, we remember
All the times we had together
And as our lives change
Come whatever,
We will still be friends forever

So if we get the big jobs and we make the big money
When we look back now will our jokes still be funny?
Will we still remember everything what we learned in school
Still be trying to break every single rule?
Will little brainy Bobby be the stockbroker man?
Will Heather find a job that won't interfere with her tan?
I keep - keep thinking that its not goodbye
Keep on thinking its our time to fly
And this is how it feels...

Repeat Chorus:

La la la la la la la...
(We will still be friends forever)

We think about tomorrow like we think about now?
Can we survive it out there?
Can we make it somehow?
I guess I thought that this would never end
And suddenly it's like we're women and men
Will the past be a shadow that will follow us around
Will these memories fade when I leave this town?
I keep - keep thinking that it's not goodbye
Keep on thinking it's our time to fly

Repeat Chorus (3x)


1. Simply describe yourself in 5 words.
- Loud, jovial, carefree, compassionate, sharp-tongued.

2. Weird/interesting fact about you.
- I talk in my sleep.

3. Habits that you can’t change.
- Dying my hair, always up for fun even when I’m knee deep in work and being too noisy.

4. What do you do when you’re alone / when no one is watching?
- Blast some music and dance in front of the mirror, if there's one.

5. What was the craziest thing you ever did while you were in Moscow?
- Helped grow "Mary Joanna", harvested and smoked her (if you catch my drift :P).

6. If you could change anything at all about Moscow, what would it be?
- The locals' negative aura and rudeness. Moscow should have budget airlines like Ryanair too.

7. What do you remember most during your days as a student in Moscow?
- Big scale outings/parties/festive celebrations, made great friends and memories.

8. Any vivid memories / unforgettable experiences?
- Watching tons of movie with Boss and Pisa, and drinking too much in the hostel.

9. Name things you could have done in Moscow, but never had the chance to.
- Befriend Russians.

10. If you could have any other job than a doctor, what would it be?
- Definitely PR Manager for clubs/events or Marketing, those that require my friendly skills.

11. If they made a movie on your life, which actor/actress would portray you?
- Julia Roberts. Firstly is because I like her. Her character is strong, smart, adventurous and I love her big smile. Her role in movies like falling for her best friend (My Best Friend's Wedding), a liberal arts teacher who encourages females to be ambitious (Mona Lisa Smile) and fighter cock material simply fits me (Erin Brockovich).

12. What would you miss most about Moscow?
- Being a student and everything that came with it when I was one.

13. If you were abandoned in the wilderness, who would you like to have with you, and why?
- My boyfriend, just because.

14. Which Muscovite/Russian would you miss?
- Hmmmm.. this is a tough one. Maybe Galena, the doorkeeper of my apartment.

15. If you meet your batch-mates after 20 years’, what activities would you likely do with them?
- If really meet up after 20 years, I'd like to make a trip to Moscow with them.

16. Your favourite quote?
- One of Quek's most used, "Bored, sleepy and hungry".

17. Would you like to bring one of our lecturers back to your hometown? Why?
- Infectious Disease's Anokhina, she will be stoned to death.

18. In general, what do you think of Moscow? Muscovite? Russian cuisine?
- I enjoy them all, minus the unfriendliness. Food is always good here.

19. What are your future plans after graduation?
- Be with my boyfriend.

20. What would you like to say all your friends, whom you’ve spent 6-7 years here in Moscow with, before we part?
- Keep the cheers, leave the tears. Rejoice the best times MMA Class of 2008 had all these years! Remember who we are, wherever we may be. We graduated together in style; we are doctors now, finally!!

**Yellow questions are what I answered for the Scrapbook

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Flight Time

"All good things must come to an end", said Fats (when Pisa asked how he felt about leaving). I don't know if that reply tasted cold or bitter, maybe it's the truth about holidays/fun since he said it matter-o-factly. Anyways, that's my baby brother :)

I managed to get some sleep last night. Woke up around 9am and went to the shops to grab breakfast for them. The taxi driver arrived at the apartment at sharp 2pm. We loaded the luggages, bade farewell to Galena (our security/doorkeeper lady). Fats is very fond of her, always learning new words to greet her whenever we came home LOL

This is Galena, a real sweetheart from Ukraine

Domodedova Airport is packed, as usual. We needed another 1/2 hour to check in, we decided to queue at the THAI Airways counters to wait. There were many unfamiliar Malaysian juniors in sight, my guess was RSMU kids. One of them confirmed my speculation because she wore a black t-shirt with huge letters of their university. Hehehehe prolly fresh off the boat 1st Year judging by their outfits. It was a funny feeling to be sending my family members instead of me.

Mummy and Fats' flight schedule

Awww.. my Mummy dearest, I love her sooooo much!

Mummy giving Turkish an ang pau for well-wishings

Mickey&Minnie Mouse red packet LOL

Fats and I, the ultimate Tan siblings :)

After checking in, luggage and all, we went to the 2nd Floor for a cuppa coffee. Mummy being Mummy, gave me some last minute advice.. told me not to bully Turkish so much :P While Turkish and Fats stuffed their faces with sandwiches from Prime Star. I didnt really know what to say to her except wished them a safe journey and that I will see them soon. I didnt want to feel sad or anything because this is a happy trip :)

Mummy had a good laugh about the hungry boys
and commented that I'm advertising for the cookies :P

Fats and Turkish doing a normal handshake :P
(earlier it was Turkish style cheek-kissing hahahaa)

See the both of you back in Malaysia *hugs and kisses!!*

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hats And Robes III

When I was seated at the ceremonial hall, I had flashbacks of Viro and Praveen's graduation. Today was mine. Ours. Mummy couldnt sleep the whole night, she woke up at 4am++ and woke me 1 1/2 hour later. Fats jumped up and we went to Starlite Diner for breakfast. I was feeling pretty calm, kinda excited when it was closing in to 9am.

We arrived at Dom Ucheonei (Russian Academy of Science) at M.Krapotkinskaya to find many others standing around the courtyard. I saw Douglas, Sunny, Quek, Aksan, Mun Yee and many other familiar faces with their parents. I panicked to see everyone dressed so nicely while I have yet to put on my black dress!! I sneaked inside the hall (entry only granted past 10am) and came out feeling much, much in place :)

Turkish, yours truly, Mummy and Fats! The ones I love most!!

Victor, me, Sunny, Min Guan and Yee Ling (guys carry bouquets)

Kisses to our Mothers!! Hahahaaha so sweet and cute :)

Turkish (hidden), me, Mummy, Jed, Sophie and Jed's sister- Joy

My robe fitted nicely but the mortar board was kinda loose. It didnt hit me to fix it with pins, but then again, it was my first time. Inexperienced :) Anyways, wearing it was quite a drama. A few cameramen/photographers recorded the entire scene and I was giggling away the whole time :P Mummy helped me with it, Turkish looked on while Fats snapped pictures. Everyone was moving into the building slowly and I got really excited. REALLY excited.

1. Wearing the robe

2. Mummy adjusting the hat

3. Done *notice the cameraman LOL*

Once inside..

Betty, my batchmate from Gabon striking in red!

Fizal, Macik, myself, Min and Kindut :)

Mel said we need to pin our robes *asking Mummy for it*

.. he's helped everyone with it, my turn here!!

I was very upset that Mummy and Fats sat far back :( So far back, like the second last row in the hall. Could barely see anything!! Those seats prolly costs 50pyb. They weren't with any of my groupmates' family but foreign folks. Whatever happened to the seat arrangement. Pfffftttt. The graduates sat in front. Archana was the only Gold Medalist in our year, followed by Red Diplom (1st Class Honours) and then commoners of Blue Diplom. I sat in between Aksan and Sunny.

See how upset Fats was, only my mother can accept such mistreat

The stage of VIPs and country representatives

A view of my seat (Aksan's shiny bald head)

Harlooooo.. yours truly is finally graduating!!

You know, Aksan is a real man. Hwong actually forgot to bring his robe and hat for him. Can you believe that he was angry for like.. 10 minutes, sighed mostly and then laughed about it? RESPECT! If I were him, I would have thrown a huge ass bitch fit! His outfit was superb for the day, a fancy French suit :) That's Aksan for you. He managed to borrow from someone who had gone upstage to receive the Diplom.

So the moment is finally here. Row by row of names were called, we cheered for each other and when my name was called, I felt like jelly. It was as though everything around me was shut off, all I concentrated on was "DO NOT TRIP" and "DO NOT STEP ON YOUR ROBE". Hahahahaaa imagine I fall on the steps and land flat on my face!! A few of the guys before us nearly tripped. My heart skipped a beat each time LOL

Kinda blur because of the distance but yeahhh, that's me!! LOL

First thing I did was ran to Mummy and Fats!! :)

Before reciting the Hippocratic Oath, aaahhhh..

Try to spot me LOL

Victor and I.. BFF!! (Best Friends Forever)

The Kitchen Crew! "We did it!!" *hugs*

I am officially a doctor as of today. If I see someone dying and not help, I can be sued. OMG. I am licensed to kill save people's lives! Everybody was beaming with joy, parents, Mummy, Fats and Tolga.. everybody. I don't really know how to describe how I felt but the only person in my mind the most throughout the day was Daddy. I felt that he was overlooking the scene, watching his baby girl graduate and soaring with pride. I love Daddy and miss him so, so much still.

It is a day I felt this proud of myself. Proud that Mummy and Fats enjoyed themselves here, glad that they managed to visit Russia and us, being together for 1 week plus. That meant the most to me. Turkish is a new "member" to the family :) I like how Mummy always nudges me to take group pictures, laughs whenever Turkish showers me with affection and she looks forward to Turkish's visit to Malaysia ;)

Mummy who cried happy tears, inside

This is me, the same person and always will be.. if not, better :)