Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Walk Downtown

I wanted visit the Galata Tower again because the last time I was 51++metres above ground, it was gloomy for us to enjoy the view properly. We went to Taksim Square after breakfast, walked uphill towards the what was once Istanbul's tallest building (at that time). There were many people seated around the bottom of the fort, relaxing and having tea.

There is a restaurant/cafe on the same level where visitors stand around. It's basically not so clever to be sitting there, having your meal while looking out of the window because you end up see butts mostly LOL I really like when Turkish @ personal Audio-guide points out where is what and what happened where. We could see the famous landmarks along the strait, poles of their National flag from one corner to the other..

This is Galata Tower for you!

OoOoohhh.. see those around-the-world cruises parked there

Breath-taking view, huhh?

Me, well.. the back of my head LOL

Whenever Turkish closes his eyes for a shot, he always blame the sun!

As we were strolling along the cobblestoned roads of Taksim, we caught a huge poster of an art exhibition, paintings by "Best of Our Contemporary Turkish Painters". Filled with curiosity and excitement, we went in to see what was so interesting. Plus we were too free LOL Okaylahh.. they were prolly for sale or something. No labels, no description next to their display also. Not like I was dying to know.. all these weird ass art isn't much of my cuppa.

We got cheated by this poster

Candy Man painting!

Uhmmm.. our batik motives maybe?

Hahahahaa I like how her underpants are merged with the background

Disturbing piece..

These paintings always make me laugh when I see them exhibited
How much would you pay for this piece of blue-black thrash art?

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