Saturday, August 09, 2008

Six Months

I arrived earlier than ETA *estimated time of arrival*. Towing my 20.6kg luggage with my right hand and 5kg hand carry with my left.. I was extremely excited to see Turkish and his Mum standing in front of the gate :)

Guess why today is so special?

Officially.. I have been in a relationship with Turkish for 6 full months. He pre-ordered a Cherry Cake for us. It was wonderful. We've been having meals out in his backyard/garden. Hours after dinner, when the sky turned pretty dark, I hung a couple of lanterns on the tree barks. His parents found them very beautiful and thought I could lit up the entire area LOL

Aaaahhh.. I never knew these cheapo, paper lanterns can look this good LOL

Turkish examining the deco meant for Mid-Autumn Festival *in September*

Hahahahaa don't ask me what I was doing, I just got caught!

I wish there will always be more and more 6 months to come!! MORE!!!