Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sand Action

The Aegean Sea has strong waves but not high like those in the Pacific Ocean. I'm just contented that I am still alive LOL I could have drowned when salt water kept choking my nose. I was literally pissing in my (swimming) pants! Turkish was always very nice to stick around, only inches away from me. He prolly avoids me so I won't kick his balls LOL

He also avoids me when he suspects or I look like I was going to pee in the waters.

Me: Laaa-lalaaaa.. *floating around, happily smiling to the blue sky*

Turkish: Are you pee-ing?

Me: No! I'm not going to pee!

Turkish: Did you pee?

Me: Yeahhh.. there *pointing nearer to the coast*

Turkish: ............ *speechless*

I love sunbathing. I think I can do it the whole day. Turkish's Mum gave us each a swimming cap. It's not the kind of tight ass latex that makes your head look like it's wearing a condom but cap. Hehehee it's the cutest thing I have ever seen, definitely the cutest gadget to wear to the sea. I couldn't take Turkish seriously when he told me we are wearing it into the waters!

And because of him, I swallowed more water from laughing too hard. Water went in my eyes, ears.. OMG.. I was out of control. When he flipped up his vizor, he looked like Napoleon LOL Surprisingly, the cap stays on our heads even when we do the Backstroke or Freestyle. It's material is polyester, nothing special but really good to prevent direct sun in ours faces. Aaaahhh.. *thumbs up!*.

Hehehee damn sweet right, we have matching caps!

This one he curi-curi snapped to check what's so funny :P

Turkish's folks love to collect stones/pebbles along the beach. Old, old couple but still so loving :) Turkish's Dad gave me a shell he found from nearby. I was so touched, it isn't common to find a perfect shell on our shoreline. He also found a heart-shaped stone. My eyes nearly popped out. I was very inspired to find some by myself but I kow-tow to their backs. I could easily break my spine from stooping so low. Better so lie back at the sun LOL

His parents are the sweetest :)

Picking stones ruins my manicure LOL

I did pick up a few nice ones myself ;)

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