Sunday, August 24, 2008

Potential Retirees

I forgot to write about the night the C4 clubbed together (August 1st) in KL proper. Poppy Garden is much spacious and pretty, well-ventilated thanks to the open-air sections. We had light dinner at Chili’s at KLCC. We nearly annoyed the rest of the world with our uncontrollable laughter and nonsensical jokes (only we understand). Hehehe that’s us.

Sha says her head looks senget here LOL

Chili's has served us well every summer ;)

Even in Melaka at the Pure Bar, we kinda felt age catching up with us. In the yesteryears, we used to party from 11pm-4am and sometimes more hours, right from Wednesday till Saturday or Sunday to chill somewhere. We drank like fishes, Sharon and Tri especially LOL Alcohol was at abundance, our energy was limitless. I can’t remember how the hell we loved clubbing so much. We were well-known and expected in our joints. Good times.. good times ;)

I guess we started at the right age. Imagine now only you feel the need for these activities, at the age of 24 (when you’re a professional to add)? At least our misdemeanour can be forgiven/forgotten now. Maybe I am contented that I don’t crave for a wild nightlife anymore. There is no need to flaunt ourselves on the podium, giving chances to HABs* or on missions to get wasted. Mamak or a movie is practical and just as much fun.

But seriously, those nights were crazy.

Sharon booked us tables a couple of days ago. I love it when we have tables, makes you feel like a VIP. If not, spending too much time waiting or hoping for a table is disastrous. Like good old days, our best friends were JD, Chivas and Johnnie Walker. Sometimes a nice chap called Absolut LOL

The DJ console

Our best friends to begin the night with

Taaa-daaaa! Sasha, Sharon, Tricia and myself :)

Finally, Farah joins in the picture :)

There were many familiar faces tonight, Dominic was one of them. He is Sha’s first cousin. His friends came, theirs friends and so forth. Farah and Fuad (her brother) too and I was delirious to see Farah. She’s damn cute. This summer, sadly, she turned MIA because of her internship I guess.

There were a few national ice hockey players with us. Hahahaaa I expected them to be huge ass fellas but they explained they don’t need to be because they play under Asian League. Not against the real giants from Europe/US. Wokay! To our surprise, 2 of our childhood friends we in the same venus. Bloody buggers couldn’t come for a reunion dinner but we caught them boogie-ing with a group of girls on the dancefloor!

Apart from the fact that Poppy Garden is fucking crowded, our tables weren’t at the most strategic location either. We were at the side of a passageway so imagine cows pushing their way through. From 2 tables, it became 3 and unknown/people with introduction shamelessly joined us. Hummph! By 245am, we were getting ready to leave. Feet painlahh, backachelahhh, sleepylahhh etc LOL

Ah Chai, since the SSM days

Harjit and Dominic laughing at something/someone? LOL

Tricia broke her heels!

Ah Moy the ice hockey player, the dude in the middle too and Andy

Clubbing is still fun. It’s just that we don’t roll the way we did anymore :)

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