Saturday, August 02, 2008

Pajama Affair

Quote of the day: "CHIN! WHY ARE YOU SO NEAR ME??!!" - Sha.

Hehehee I can't remember when was the last time I slept in my best friend's bedroom. When I was 16? 18? I seriously can't recall. I used to hang out her house often though but my numbers are way smaller than hers in my house. Sha's family is big. Her parents (Fa and Ma), younger brother (Boo), 76-year-old grandmother (Granny) and aunt (Aunty). Not forgetting her dogs, Puffy @Poof and Candy. Her elder brother (Ramesh) will come back soon from Japan.

We got back from Club Aman pretty late. We had to bitch about the a-hole and Sha said she went to bed with angers. Hahahaha after our delicious consumption of the Ramli Burger (OMG, heavenly!), we scooted upstairs. We yakked, online, Sha read a bit before turning in and it was madness just to sleep in her room! :)

"Chin, let me clean my room for you okay!"

"Chin, which blankee you want?"

"Chin, you can take the strawberry blanket. It's fleece, you know what fleece is right?"

I nodded.

"It's very warm!"

"Chin, quick! Choose a soft toy hehehee"

I picked the cube-looking tofu.

"Chinnnn!! How you gonna sleep with this tofu??"

I looked around, picked the evil black cat.

"Chinnnn!! What is wrong with you? It has a big head and body so small, not nice to hug!"

I looked around and picked the Radishman and little did I know, it's leaves on the top of his head poked my nose.

We both burst out laughing! LOL

In the end, she passed me a mini-bolster compliments of Juicy Fruit (the chewing gum). I love my best friend :) I woke her up 10 minutes after saying Goodnight and trying to sleep for real to take pictures! Hahahahaa she happily agreed and I set the timer to do the trick.

Getting ready for the camera, she's making fun of my actions

Then we tried an au naturale pose of us in the room

Very brave to take this picture (since no make up and all *clap, clap*)

Being us LOL

After several attempts (and scoldings).. I got it right :P

If you notice on the wall behind us, this is a present I made with pictures of us
The biggest one of us (heart-shaped) was taken when we were 11 years old :)

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