Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Moscow

Quote of The Day: "We await you on Monday" - Chief of Dermatology Dept.

Yes, I have returned to Moscow, nicely settled in our love nest at M.Ulitsa 1905. I am very glad things are going well for us. Holidays in Turkey was excellent. I couldn't ask for more. Fats is enjoying his classes in National University of Singapore (NUS). Mummy has started her expeditions to the Northern parts again. Everyone seems to be up with something.

And yes, I am going to study/work here. I have enrolled with MMA's Dermatology Department to be an Ordinatur. It's an immediate step into Specialisation. That means I will solely be studying the Skin and Venereal Diseases, putting a hold to my Housemanship. I thought I could finish all the formal education I need first, while I have the opportunities and I can plan about that later. All paperworks are done and processed, I start on 1st September 2008. Officially, the course is for 2 years but you can always prolong the contract if you feel the need to.

It's a path no one has taken so far (to my knowledge). I am the first Malaysian to have graduated but staying back for Post-Graduate. Why? Hahahahaa that's because our government doesn't recognise the extra certificates. All my batchmates have registered with the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) like bees to honey and waiting for posting. I know Reena's in Canada and Jason's in Australia, both applying for the both of them and see which country gives positive response.

Am I considered a pioneer?

Or am I the blackest of black sheep?

Hehehee as an Ordinatur, no, I don't get paid. On the contrary, I paid them to supply me with new skills and knowledge. That also means I won't be earning my own dough for a couple of years more. I'm not sure if this should upset me because back in Malaysia, they pay peanuts anyways. Noble if you're in to treat and not the treat because it's little. I can easily spend the paycheck on shopping. One thing I know, I wouldn't have taken this step if Daddy were still around. I would be like most of my peers, monthly subsidised by parents and prolly getting a new car and so forth. But Daddy isn't, so life in Moscow would be better for me. For now.

I'm excited to start. Hopefully they'll be good news :)


Pisa knows all sees all said...

Never the blackest sheep. We are so proud of you!! Bee and I will be sitting for AMC part one on the 15th of november. I start a bridging course in Melbourne on the 22nd of September. I got back from Canada yesterday, and should be leaving for melb next week! MIssing you so much babes. We are so happy everything has worked out well over there in our real home, MOSCOW!! Enjoy yourself babes. and by the way, I haven't abandoned my blog! I just haven't posted aything up yet. Should be writing something in soon. Or maybe I'll start only once I get to Melb. Love you loads babes!

puspha said...

OMG!!i cant believe sum1 from our batch is doing this.u r definitely a pioneer,coz if our government recognizes the PG there,even i wud come...hehe.good luck.tell us all abt it to my second home :)

sweehung said...

dear happy for you that you've found your direction in life and that you are enjoying it. im proud to have you as my friend!take care. you rock! :)

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Hahahahaa thank you for the support, you guys :) Your comments totally sky-rocketed my spirits! Thank you :)

Titan said...

MOscow good or not?

People there friendly?

Any communication problem?

Last time, i went to Ukraine, most of them dont know to speak english.

I will go to Moscow next year...

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Come and see it for yourself ;)