Friday, August 15, 2008

My Kite

Quote of The Day: "Really, Sis? GO FLY A KITE!" - Fat's SMS

Hahahahaha I flew Mr.Octopus! Successfully :P

When I bought my first kite at Jaya Jusco with Sha and Muffins, they laughed at me. The fact that I refuse to carry it in a plastic bag after I purchased it gave them more reason to make fun of me LOL It was hilarious. The name of my kite was Easy-To-Fly Kite and seriously, it lives up to its name!

I was prolly the ONLY ONE in miles seen doing this activity. The wind was strong, my handling was good and I never expected myself to send it in the air at one go. It immediately ascended by itself with little effort. All I did was tugged it a little bit (like how they do on TV) and release the line. Oooooooohhhhh.. magnificient ;)

Introducing.. Mr.Octopus!!

It would have been a gala if my best friends flew this

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