Sunday, August 10, 2008

Istanbul Revisited

Quote of the day: "I told you there will be fruits (in my garden) but there are none. I told you that you could swim with the dolphins but actually you cannot. I told you we have baby cats but they are gone. I tricked you again heheheee" - Turkish

Hehehee it felt like I was only in this city a while ago. I remember most of the roads, name of the places and buildings but the best part, I remember many Turkish words I picked up ;) Today, Turkish brought me to the Anatolian side. Also known as the Asian side because it's on the Asian continent. Pffftttt. Likelahhh Istanbul is helluva Europe *burst out laughing loudly*

We took a ferry from the terminal, the ride was roughly 10-15minutes. I am terrible at gauging time because firstly I dont wear a watch and secondly I was busy snapping pictures of us LOL I loved the sun and sea breeze in my face. The wind was a bit irritating though, my hair kept hitting my face and getting into my eyes, my mouth.. yuck! I need to tie them the next time I go out.

Hehehee this was for Turkish (I think!)

My favourite picture of the day! I dont know the dude.

Arrrghh.. I look like a Scottish Terrier *almost, god damn it!*

I became very fat this summer. No exercise, no clubbing to sweat them out, no nothing. So Turkish decided to trick me into walking uphills the hard way. Hahahahaa silly fella. But you know what, the hike was fun and rewarding. We stopped by the Tea Garden for a cuppa and played Backgammon. This board game is Turkish culture. This is what they do during breaks and/or their free time. Just sitting around, sipping tea and throwing dice.

It's really hard work! Tightens the butt and calves LOL

Turkish drinking his tea and my stupid Nestea spoiling the picture

Best thing I did up on the hills, being a Peeping Jenny at the houses below :P

I am damn excited for next Tuesday. Turkish, his folks and I are going on a road trip to Izmir, a city by the Aegean Sea. The ancient Greeks called it Smyrna like how they call Istanbul, Constantinople. I bought a pair of baby blue bikini ;) Now I have 3 pair of swimming suits!! Hahahahaa not to say a celebration since I am spilling on both flanks! I dont know if I even have the balls to take pictures in them. We'll see :)


Sha said...

Hi my best!

I like the tissue under your shades! Can hiss somemore ahahahahah.

Remember to always wear sunblock ok...can't wait for more chronicles of your Constantinople adventure!

*you know I love saying that word. Lol.

Gorgeous Ol' Eve. Prefers Vanilla To Chocolate. You? said...

Hahahahaaa you want to hiss like me right, my best!! Go "Hehhhhhh!" LOL.