Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hot-ass Antalya

No.. Antalya isn't some Turkish chick. It's a freaking hot city/province also in the southwest of Turkey. It is surrounded by beautiful mountains though, and coasted by the Mediterranean Sea. The drive from Izmir-Kemer took 7 hours. It was quite fun. We (actually just me) sang in the car and made a couple of stops for tea. We also passed by the city of Turkish's surname. Imagine a city of your own surname! LOL

View from the car window :)

Guess which is Turkish's surname LOL

Alafranga points to modern French and in this case, toilet!

The R&R stop for lunch, a shop famous for their Gözleme

Our lunch served :)

My favourite photo of the trip LOL

The Mediterranean sea is much more salty compared to the Aegean. The water feels smoother, less windy and cleaner. Mediterranean is THE place to be! Our Hotel OTIUM is an all-inclusive, 5-star joint filled with Russians. Hahahahahahaa yupe, you read right. Antalya reminds me of Egypt's Hurghada or other beach resorts that mainly attract these people. Even the local staff speaks Russian fluently. I had no problem ordering stuff in Russian :P

Let the sunshine in it seems.. scorching 38C, hotter than Malaysia!

Luxurious view.. swimming in the sea whilst facing the mountains!

A unique hotel but Turkish and family disliked it when they stayed there

Damn all-inclusive alright! Never-ending entertainment ;)

I loooooooove this place to bits! Since it's all inclusive, food and drinks are naturally free. Better yet, beverage booths are at every corner. There are hotdog stands, Popcorn stalls, dessert and cakes counters and a few Snack Bars by the pool. As usual, wherever Russian sluts females are.. there's ALWAYS a lot of cleaveges, boobs and balls(?). The place is huge, I could easily get lost. There are plenty of activities to do here. There's a big Schedule board with the list of ongoings, like tonight there was a Magic Show at 930pm. The old Turkish magician was good. Not some cheap hobo-performer.

Here are some more pictures. Check them out!

Buffet-style cum all-you-can-eat! *loves being a pig*

Not sure why Turkish looking crooked with his Tomato soup LOL

Turkish's Mum and I *she's a real darling*

Unlimited booooze! However much you want! Serious.

Turkish and I going for a late night stroll ;)

Dark waters.. heheheee

The full moon tonight was hidden (clouds cleared much later though)

And it's so much easier for me to swim in the Mediterranean sea. I can float without much effort to keep my balance ;)


soolynnie said...

OMG!!! Turkish looks like his mom!!! A LOT!

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Hahahahaaa yeah. He's a Mama's Boy too ;)