Monday, August 11, 2008

Castle Ruins

Quote of the day: "If his parents like you, you should be even nicer and polite" - Mummy

Turkish is really taking my diet/slimming/svelte-dreaming plan to the next level. This afternoon, we crossed to the Anatolian side again to visit the ruins of the Byzantine Castle of Yoroz Kalesi, known since the 14th century as the Genoese Castle (meaning by the Genoa folks and according to Turkish, Genoa was a former city state in Italy.. at that time there was no Italy). My boyfriend who tells me that he loves me very much made me walk uphill, a very, very steep 70 degrees.

No joke.

Turkish looked very patriotic, his outfit colour combo of his national flag LOL

Sariyer Jetty.. Sariyer is the district Turkish lives

Sponge Bob lost his pants LOL

The signboard itself gives your knees the chills, no?

But once on top, all the sweat and weak knees were forgotten. The view of the Bosphorus was breath-taking. The strait into the Black Sea with few cargo ships in sight added pattern to the clear, blue waters. My, my. For the past years in my travels, I havent stood so high to enjoy view of plain hills. There were many other tourists.. a few Oriental cartoons, noisy Greeks/Spanish and a big group Germs Germans. We wandered around, I avenged for the tremendous effort my lovely legs have endured.. by taking lots of pictures LOL

Welcome to Casa Yoroz! Sorry only pebbles left, no nice rooms for tea :P

Turkish and I *giggles*

Pintu gerbang dinding yang termusnah LOL

Best angle.. Turkish had the ships in my head, my nose, some in my eye

An elderlyJapanese couple (the husband took this for us)
He held the camera and said, "Ichi!" *snapped*
I dont think he would understand the joke if I scratched myself

You see. Since young, I love going under the sun and getting a tan. I was born with hitam manis (BM=sweet black) complexion anyways. Just need to perfect the tone LOL So this holiday is one of the opportunities to darken my shade *jeng, jeng, jeng*. But I see, Turkey is really scorching hot. Not like Dubai kinda of heat but hot. Only a boyfriend with so much love won't be ashamed walking all the way into the town with me, sticking a tissue on my face (under my glasses) looking like this..

Hehehehee I wasnt joking :)

Me hissing under my breath at passerbys who stared at me
Notice the fellas far back, towards me.. THEY looked too!!

Would you? LOL

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