Friday, August 08, 2008

Auspicious Date

The big hoo-haa about today's date is finally here. It meant a few things, the official beginning of the Olympics in Beijing, god knows how many hundreds of couple getting married but the only one that concerns me is my flight to Istanbul.

Mummy drove me to KLIA. My best friends kept telling from a few days back about sending me off. Hehehee it was really nice since it has never happened before. On our way, Mummy gave me some last minute advice and stuff, I called most of our relatives to inform them. Same old, same old. Safe journey and the see-you-soons.

At the airport, Mummy and I caught the opening ceremony of the Olympics on TV (an hour later). We saw many dancers in their traditional costumes, then came the march past. It was a pleasant surprise to see Turkey, some African countries.. the next time I laid my eyes on TV minutes after, I saw songkok men and then gold baju melayu. No need to ask your neighbour, it was Malaysia LOL

Red and white damn nice contrast.. I like!

Mali, ohhhh.. Mali LOL

Our home country, Malaysia! Don't just wave, bring back medals!

Later, Sha and Tri arrived. It was coincidence Sha's Uncle "Eddie Murphy" and family were at the airport too. Sending the niece to US. Not too long after, Sharon and Harvin showed up. The airport roof would have collapsed if we stayed any longer :) Laughing too loud is not a crime, we just could control ourselves :P

Honestly, it meant a lot to me this time. Mummy was very happy as well. The hugs and kisses and exchange of Love You's werent enough. I know I'll see everyone soon, in January. I will most prolly bring Turkish with me ;) He includes himself in the plans and Mummy has told everyone "Her boyfriend will come in January". What was so sweet even, Mummy collected some tour offers and information for his visit *isnt she just over-excited LOL*.

The mother and daughter's seating position which caught our eye. Interesting..

Muffins, Mummy, Myself, Sha and Tricia (Mummy's very proud she blended in LOL)

Funny that my destination was underlined.. I didnt photoshop anything

C4 together in Turkey? That would be a grrrrrrreat holiday, eh! :)

Adios, folks! I loooooove you guys to bits *muuuuaaahhh!!*

MH0030 at 1159pm. It was turbulent-free and quick. I arrived before I realised :)

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