Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Quote of the day : "CJ Tours rock!"- Viro and Pisa (one after another)

Boss needed his slept debt so this called for a Girly Group outing!! Yes, Viro carries a handbag now LOL Like a big Hobo, V announced that she wanted street food. Off we went to M.Park Kultury for the cheeseload stall. We had Tvorog Rings, a Hachapoori, more Tvorog Rings *standing while munching like real Hobos* and off we went towards the Bridge that crosses Moscow River.

2-cent chitchats with the seller.. not like she gave discount also! :P

I highly recommend these, fresher than fresh! Yummier than yums!

Theres yous goes, a happy Hobo V (at least Pisa looks dignified LOL)

I took the route Turkish once brought me ;) I was so proud to show us around. You should know one thing that CJ Tours include photography with or without requests! We had a gala snapping pictures and V the Camwhore couldnt be any more satisfied. Hahahahahaa I was very glad to see Vv and Pisa enjoying themselves already! I also brought them to Moscow's most beautiful perehot (underground pedestrian walk) that is also a gallery of beautiful paintings (for sale). We got out from the other end and voila, ART Museon!!

2 very dazzling, very chilled, very stylo-Milo.. errrr.. posers *rofl*

The perehot (my apologies, I know it's blurred)

The tour guide (yours truly) giving vital information about the place

ART Museon was indeed beautiful and with these 2 cartoons, it was brilliant. Entrance for Students in Russia (irrespective of nationalities) costs 10pyb (RM1.40). Hahahahahaa you can't even buy a loaf of bread here anymore with that kind of price! All of us got damn excited at the stone statues, sculptures, ironworks and all. Turkish and I have been there together and I knew which and which would suit their liking. True enough, the Sumo wrestler statue and women figures were one of the big hits!

Hamsap girls! Shamelessly trying to grope Felix Dzerzhinsky!!

Standing in the same lawn as.. Soviet Union's main fellas LOL

Wokay.. I admit I was being artsy-fartsy too :P

Since we were going to meet Boss and Melvyn at Coffee Mania, we couldnt park ourselves for too long. When I realised that I have lost my Aviator shades (must have left it on the bench to do that dramatic fetal-position, pic above).. we proceeded to the Christ the Saviour Cathedral at M.Krapotkinskaya hehehehee At this point, Vv and Pisa were non-stop singing praises of CJ Tours! *woot, woot*

On the way there.. we saw a Mama Duck and her baby
nestled on the little patch of grass (or whatever there is LOL)

Paaaaaansies.. oooohhhh how I love 'em! Oooooohhh.. Pansies!

Another shameless act, up to your imagination to what they were doing LOL

A candid shot of us in front of Christ the Saviour Cathedral! ;)

So yeahhh, CJ Tours ended here. I am extremely happy we all enjoyed ourselves. I promised them, CJ Tours will live as long as there are friends/guests coming to Moscow! Yeos! And with that, we further adjourned our lala-ness with the 3 boys in Coffee Mania (the one at Bolshaya Nikitskaya, next to the Conservatoire).

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