Saturday, July 05, 2008

Roman Tutus

Quote of the day : "I've been together with you for only so long and we are seeing more rainbows than I ever did 6 years plus here, I love you" - Me

I had a wonderful today! Turkish and I went to watch our first ballet together, SPARTAK (composed by Aram Khachaturian) at the Hermitage Gardens! There is a Classic Ballet Festival going on from Romeo&Juliet to Swan Lake to Don Quixote and others! ;) I cant watch all of them because premieres are on selected dates and that also 2 shows each. I'm just damn happy we caught this one!

Poster of SPARTAK (the 3 performers, taken during an orgy scene)

Turkish and I in front of the Novaya Opera theater! ;)

The long listing of ballets for the Festival!

It rained on our way to the Hermitage Gardens, in fact for the past few days it was just gloomy and always drizzling. Such is Russian weather ie.fucked up. It was kinda fun though, and I was such a Braveheart to wear all white LOL There was also a Viva Cuba! fiesta on the lawns, it was crowded with young and old. The line was packed! The tents/concert stage was nicely hidden behind the bushes, we couldnt see anything. All we heard were jazzy music, then some samba drums alternately. It was pretty cool ;)

Surprisingly the hall in the Novaya Opera was full house! The vicinity is medium size, fancy-looking and we sat quite close to the stage. No cameras nor video apparatus were allowed so I didnt snap any pictures. Actually it was more of Turkish who didnt allow me LOL He explained that it isn't nice to do so, though I understood the idea of it but still refuse to fathom the reason. I guess it's like eating your food with your foot on the table. Uhmmm.. even eating your vegetables with your cleaned foot doesnt look like a correct/normal view. I guess. Hahahahahaa think about it.

Seated comfortably inside..

It was really full house, ticket sales were better than Swan Lake

Proof of purchase LOL

Ohhh well, wasted no pictures. The ballet was really good, though I felt the dancers weren't too synchronised (in the beginning). Their costumes were beautiful, the main character Spartacus was handsome and tall. Nicely tanned and oooohhh la-la! There were a lot of gluteus maximus, little loin cloths covering their not-so-modest parts LOL Every time they pranced, I had hopes that their balls might fall out or something :P I must say the orgy scenes were a bit too much, in time and choreography. It was like so obvious they were humping each other in a dance form but still, thrusting each other in the air or over the moon became rather obscene after a while.

Spartacus died. That's how the story goes.

Viva Cuba! carried on even when it started to pour. The lawn was now even more crowded than before. Lots of wet, Russian women salsa-ed with their partners.. some did it alone by the tree LOL It's true! Turkish and I stayed on for a while, until we decided to run. We didnt have any umbrellas with us so yeahhh, we were drenched by the time we got to the Metro station!

Before we entered the theater..

After we exited the theater!

We ended our day with a cup of drink at Look In Cafe. Well, it was really a glass of alcoholic cocktail LOL Look In Cafe is a memorable place for us. I hope it doesnt close down, keep it open for as long as we are together, we shall always return to relive the first dates we had back then :) I had a Elloy Melon Mix and Turkish ordered himself an Orange Calliway. Both contained Rum, Vodka and such. Wasnt too strong, just fruity and cold. We waited for the rain to stop but it didnt! Again, we had to make a run "bogel" under the rain LOL

One for you, and one for me :)

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