Friday, July 18, 2008

Penang Patrol

Quote of the day: "It can't be Easter again, baby!" - Viro

Hahahaahahaa I met Viro and Praveen on the island! I was supposed to meet Viro tomorrow but she had to sub her colleague to on-call so we changed it to this evening. She lost so much weight compared to when she came to Moscow. Goodness. Hospital work is the best exercise ;)

Hospital Pulau Pinang!

Vv picked me up from Dato Keramat (where my ex-babysitter stays) around 530pm. Oooohhh.. her sexy white sedan. She gave me a tour of her office, waited around the corner of the morgue for Praven (where his hostel is LOL) and then drove us back to her crib. Verrrrrry good-looking apartment, great view and though she kept claiming that Starbucks was in sight, I couldnt believe her. She also said the Gurney beach was in plain view, I couldnt even see the bay LOL We met her housemate, Turka who reminded me of Turkish's green-dollar product. The Cola Turka which is a local made knock off of Coca-Cola! No idea how Praveen mistook her name for Durga.

Front view of the balcony, left, right and when you look down LOL

Colleagues studying sheets of drug information

We didnt have proper dinner or anything like that. Viro gave me a few choices, and ultimately we chose to pig out at Tiong Loh/Middle Road/usually known as Jalan Macallister. I had frozen Cendol Ais, she had Ais Kacang and Praveen copied my order. We shared some Popiah and Loh Bak. Very the yums! I couldnt help but notice how fatigue Prav looked. Poor thing. As bad as housemanship may be, Prav enjoys working and the experience anyways. Thumbs up!

Awww.. so sweet. Bunny babies LOL

I dont think I'll be seeing these cartoons till next year. We caught up alot, actually I was really glad we made this meeting. Viro won't be going down to KL anytime soon plus all the hectic schedule, pffttttt. She even toured me around the island despite the petrol price! I was damn touched when she said, "Aiyaaa.. doesnt matterlahhh, not to say always got the chance like this".

Before I leave to Turkey, I'll be back to Penang again. I hope to see them again!

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