Sunday, July 06, 2008

Mindful Of Art

Quote of the day : "This is what they learn, this is how they are taught" - Turkish

We had an adventure this afternoon, after our breakfast at Starlite Diner. It was yet another rainy day, and again we refused to bring an umbrella with us. Wait a minute, we don't have one LOL I suggested we visit the World Press 08 exhibition at WINZAVOD actually. Off we went to M.Kurskaya in a blink of an eye. WINZAVOD means Wine Factory, which is exactly what it used to be in its heydays. Now turned into a neighbourhood of galleries and contemporary art houses, I'd say grrrrrreat job!

Signboard pointing towards our destination!

Hehehehee yes, I'm trying to be funny :P

Cute antique (prolly a Lada) car lined with fake grass

First drop off was of course, World Press 08 exhibition. These old warehouses are huge! Brightly lit and painted white to suit the events. We walked through about a 100 photo exhibits and I became depressed after a while. No happy, lala-fied photos of the world but sufferings and bloody poached animals. The narwhals, the dying polar bears and whales. Then came the section of current day war zones, its victims and refugees, captives and homeless people. Guns, ruins and more deaths. Not very nice. There were, some interesting photographs but the gigantic frames of captured hardships outweigh them all. Brrrrr.. how disturbing.

Looking through eyes of the world, except for the blindfolded Iraqi captive..
He was suspected of hidden agendas, thus arrested by US and Iraq officials

(Ex-) Russian President Vladimir Putin
1st Prized Portrait Singles UK, for Times Magazine

From the window, back area of the WINZAVOD surrounding..

Another exhibition we visited was "Yablaki pradayot adnavremennei v raznnih sadah" (Russian= Apples grown simultaneously in different gardens). The title sounds nice but trust me, it's those weird, mind-boggling contemporary works that isn't much to my cuppa tea. It's not that I am against these kind of arts but some appears to me as just sick and/or misunderstood. If one views the world/everything from a different perspective, sketch hidden meanings or lie behind encrypted explanations, it's fine by me but I can't stand if they expect others to see their twisted world, understand it and accept them for who they are or agree to their clouded emotions.. it's pretty challenging for me.

Don't get me wrong. I enjoyed our visit to the WINZAVOD and witnessed all sorts of art. It's just that too radical thoughts and environment tend to freak me out. Maybe from their stand, I am the abnormal one but seriously, I prefer light and the sun. The other kind of race that masks themselves with patchy, flour powder and alternative fashion tend to raise my eyebrow. I'm just trying to make a point here. Feel free to enlighten me if you think otherwise. Turkish was right that this is who they are and how they feel, we shouldn't make judgment about them (unless they are hazardous to themselves and us/others).

A bit too long right, the title? ;)

Definitely very different, yet mysterious in its own way

A Time Machine knock-off, or hi-tech Janitor's mobile LOL

Old torn building, to suit the style of the curator Anna Zaiseva

An ancient radio, Turkish trying to tune its dial LOL

There's more! This is waaaaaay beyond old school!

Classic picture.. felt like we were in a bomb shelter!
...and all we could depend on was the news on this radio :)

Then, we entered a separated section entitled Neue Erotische Kunst only recommended for visitors above 18. Turkish and I thought it should be strictly for 18 and above. Their display of erotic art gave a whole new meaning to the term LOL Very creative yet puzzling at the same time. This exhibition left me grossed out and captivated as well. I complained too much about the musky stench, the whirring sound effects in the background, thudding and noises of metal-banging. Still, it was quite an eye opener.

We couldn't tell what was running on TV (at first)

Then I thought it was some sort of metamorphosis material

Some images became clearer..

A lot clearer.. just waiting for the final picture

Voila! A very big.. uhmmm.. hole! Sorry, gotta censor this one out! LOL

I figured this is what contemporary art is all about. I am the one who should open up. Accept the masterpieces of the artists today. Well, in this aspect anyways. I was very intrigued by meaningless random brush strokes that could be displayed in an exhibition. I am so gonna buy the necessities and paint, form something and open my own gallery. Trust me on this! WTF. I really can't believe how these people do it!! I want my art to be known too!!! We further barged into more galleries, some with only a handful of display and I think we managed to cover all of them. Except its School of Art. We decided to forgo that one. Here are the pictures taken here and there.

Some of the graffiti, the bottom one on the right is done by
the RUS Crew All Stars International Graffiti Soldiers. Awesome spray!

Hahahahaa I'm definitely an artwork myself! :)

Russian girls posing.. what a choice to pose with LOL

With a name like Roman Ass, always a possibility to be famous :P

Some of Mr.Ass' sketching of Supermen/Uebermenschen (so-so only)

Door into the artshop haven! OMG, they sell everything!
From canvas to brushes to palettes to colours to chalks, anything you need!!

What a day but didnt end there! Like little wet puppies, Turkish and I stumbled into an Uzbek cafe called Jinn. Very decent joint and cheap too! I loved the interiors, very cozy (especially for a rainy day) and tip-top service! Our waiter was very efficient, a bit too nosy though.. but as far as I'm concerned, they serve one of the best Shaslik and Liolyas in town!! (even when it's out of town LOL)

The cushion thingy-bob is used to keep the teapot warm, cute!

And.. this is how you drink tea with style! *rofl*

Okay, okay. It's enough. I am too damn inspired to paint something now!!


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