Thursday, July 03, 2008

Hats And Robes IV

Quote of the day : "Someone's gotta do it, why not" - Hannan

It was RSMU's Graduation Day today, same time and place where we had ours. Hannan invited me to be his "mother" :P It was an honour to be there, witnessed my friends from M2 receive their diplom. Paul, Han, Suren, Aliah, Juani, Siva, Jeya, Sashi, Warren, and other familiar faces were beaming with excitement. Hannan and Shida looked gorgeous, she wore a purple/lavender traditional costume and Hannan with a matching tie.

There were big differences between our Graduation ceremony. We paid much for ours and I swear I will never complain about it again. The money was worth it, from decorations (inside out) down to the banquet after that. M2's was very simple. Everything was over close to 2pm. I liked the short speeched given by 4 ambassadors (I think) and another 4, by student representatives. I also liked the way they recited their Hippocratic Oath. TKY stood on the pulpit, reading them loud and clear and the students sworn to it.

TKY - Red diplom holder, the Man behind the graduation
and a good friend to his batchmates (very helpful too, I heard)

I only managed to catch Hannan upstage to receive his diplom

It wouldn't be fair nor right to compare this day for it is a very special day for each individual. Whether it was grandeur or modestly carried out, it doesn't matter. The most important thing which took place was, everyone finally got what they were here for. 6 years IS a long time especially in a country like Russia. No one said it would be easy. I met Paul's mother and sister, his mother is very friendly and a real darling. She remembers me as "the girl who lived with Paul" LOL Such a soft spoken lady. Siva introduced me to his entire family, I was pretty touched. I saw his mother and sisters were in tears as they exited from the hall.

Dr.Hannan and Dr.Shida! Wait a minute.. and I'm Dr.Tan! LOL

Clockwise: Dr.Por, Dr.Siva, Dr.Aliah and Dr.Warren! Botak bugger ;)

Hats-throwing Ceremony in the front yard :)/span>

Few of our M1 folks were there too. Min, Kindut and Fiq were one of the many official photographers. Thank God the formalities didnt take long, I was seated all alone at the back of the hall! I could have dozed off or something! I didnt stay too long after everything was over. Only later, I met up with Hannan and Shida at TGI Friday's for a light meal and drinks. They loved the present I got them, it wasnt anything special. Just a small gift as a token of our friendship :) Paul kept nudging me about partying after his family leaves LOL Bugger.

To all my friends who have graduated, "WELL DONE!"


Hannan said...

Thanks a lot mommy for coming to our grad day
u made my day!

and thanks a lot for the gift!

Gorgeous Ol' Eve. Prefers Vanilla To Chocolate. You? said...

Hehehee I am very proud of you, Hannan Boy-boy! ;)