Thursday, July 31, 2008

G3 Reunion

Quote of the day: "Serves her right. You don't pity these kind of people. It's all karma" - Victor

I'm not a big cybercafe patron plus it's fucking noisy with the sounds of Counterstrike or Warcraft in the background. Anyways, I came on 2-3 days ago and received Victor and Zhao Ing's notice about a gathering. They were asking for my contact, left me theirs. Hmmm.. a gathering? Nice!

Although previous years, we never met up as a group before (maybe they have.. I was left out). You see, in Moscow itself.. not every time but there were times when I was uninvited/uninformed about these events regardless of size. I was very surprised to be informed about our rendezvous at 6pm Seoul Garden in 1Utama. I am so not familiar with Damansara area but Mummy always says dont be fussy and move along *nods*.

I packed to stay over at Victor's. I was the first to arrive in front of that all-you-can-eat restaurant, basically buffet style where you pick and cook your own food. Bad for small eaters like me. While waiting with Mummy for the company, I finally saw Victor, Sunny, Mun Yee and Douglas walking towards us. Mummy left and we went inside. We got ourselves 3 tables, for others who were coming. More faces showed up- Hwong, Cheng, Yee Gin, Zhao Ing and Justin. Quek too.

Victor sat right opposite me, looking very sharp and cool in his black shirt ;)

Hwong and Mun Yee caught offguard.. well, maybe not so LOL

Quek dragged himself here because of me! Hahahahaa cartoon!

A very complete Group 3, the next one might take a while..

The view of the table :)

I didnt like the place much, I could eat properly. The oil kept skipping onto my hand, our soup boil wasn't boiling and for some reason, the next table appeared more appetizing. My grill was shared with Victor and Sunny. As usual.. Sunny stealing looks at me *rolls my eyes*. I asked why he didnt bring his girlfriend to KL and he was like shrugging and stuff. I don't think we can ever be friends again, to be honest. I just wonder why he always act so pitiful and tells me how worthless his relationship is but have to keep for the sake of image.

So, our gathering was adjourned to Laundry. It was alright. The table was again too long, like one end couldnt converse with the other. I had a whiskey coke and a Mojito. Everyone kept more to themselves or the next person beside so I only interacted with Zhao Ing, Hwong and Douglas mostly. I told them of my plans, putting practice in Malaysia on hold and going back to Moscow. Most of them were curious with questions, some concerned while the rests just had no idea of what to say. I guess it's only natural. I wouldnt know myself either :)

Douglas pouting! Basically the ongoings at the table LOL

Mun Yee and Justin Tan who still has one more year to go :)

We are BFFs. Word.

6 1/2 years of being groupmates, except for Justin and Yee Gin LOL

I do look forward to seeing these people again, yeahhh I do.

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