Saturday, July 19, 2008

Family Friends

Quote of the day: "When you are young, you talk about boyfriend. When you are married, you talk about your husband and children. When you are old, you talk about your blood pressure and healthcare. When you are older, you talk about your grandchildren" - Mummy

I was born in Johore, stayed in Penang till I was 5 and grew up in KL. My childhood was also spent in betweens Negeri Sembilan. Apart from KL, the other states were just for family visits, balik kampung for festive/holiday seasons.

Even when I was brought back to KL to live with my parents, we still went back to my ex-babysitters' house just like how we visited our relatives. I love them very much and they love me just as much. Unofficially, I have 1 biological mother and 2 "Mamma" and Goddess of Mercy is my godmother. Yes, I am very loved LOL

Back then, before my brother was born.. a room in our house was rented out to a Penang-girl named Sylvia. She was doing her internship in Southern Bank (closed down now LOL) and my parents treated her like their own, in a way. Every time Daddy cooked, we asked her to join us and Mummy would give her some tips of life in the city etc. I remember she took me to Zoo Negara and a movie treat.

Sylvia returned to Penang, then flew with Singapore Airlines for a decade or so. We lost touch but 2 months before she got married (in 2000), she and Michael showed up at our doorstep and our connection came back to life. She has 2 children now, one lovely boy Justin and one lovely.. but damn naughty girl Megan. Sylvia runs her insurance company successfully and lives in a RM800,000 house by the beachside. Woooohoooo!!

Megan, the little devil LOL

Whenever we meet up, say on annual basis when I am back for summer.. she always brings up the good old days about her experience in KL, Daddy's cheerful character, his wonderful steamed fish, Mummy's pregnancy with Fats and how cute I was LOL This year, we visited her and she took us to Hai Boey Seafood Restaurant for dinner. Her friend, Ling came too. It was a pleasant evening, I really enjoyed the cool sea breeze! :)

I love this picture, the majestic tree in the background!

Me, Sylvia, Mummy and Ling posing together-gether :)

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