Monday, July 07, 2008

Embassy's Treat

Quote of the day : "Go back Malaysia we lepak okay!" - Sukhi

My visit to the Malaysian Embassy this evening was heartfelt. Medical graduates from M1 and Volgograd University were invited for a formal, farewell dinner. It was formal with speeches by Dato Khalis (the Ambassador), Ju (our beloved M1 President icon) and Shamsul (I think, of Volgo). Not many faces showed up, most of our friends were gone for holidays. The dinner was arranged with our comrades from another state because they depart tomorrow, next week would be M2 and Nizhny's turn.

Dato Khalis is really not very good at giving speeches (an understatement)

"6 years that passed felt like 6 days, we all remember when
we first arrived at the airport.. we looked up and saw those tins.." :)

Usually, the Embassy would be sardine-packed with the world but this time, it was empty but then again, it's just for us. Even if the donkey juniors were here, they can't attend anyways LOL Only a handfulf of our batch attended. The darling Malay boys were all there- Ajed, Fiq, Macik, Fizal, Ju, Hafiz, Kindut, Min, then Venoo Boy, Prabu, Sukhi, Sharon, Sundram, Rajiv, Farid Khan, Wishi-wishu, Melvyn Edward, Jed, Yun Kin, Min Guan, Wei Shiong, Christabel, Lai Yee, Siew Lian, Jan Jan, Von Jee, Sharini, Puspha, and the Malay girls- Khairimi, Natrah, Hajar, Shikin, Sara, Fatin and Natiara. I think I didnt miss out on anyone :)

The M1 group :)

Rajiv and I (with Malaysian emblem above our heads LOL)

With Fizal and Ajed :)

Hajar ("my name is not Natrah" heheheee) AND Natrah

Sukhi and I.. jammed with peace signs LOL

Boss and Pisa were going to come but they had to meet that Zaman guy to hand him documents for apostillation. Otherwise, I'm sure they would have enjoyed the evening. I did. Somewhat. I felt really sad at the end, when everyone started to bid farewell and stuff. There was a Karaoke session before and a few brave ones sang LOL The VIP table were all eyes/and ears on us. Food was delicious and more than enough (for once). We were served rice, curry prawns, lamb, or was it chicken.., acar and dessert too.

Jed, Wei Shiong and Yun Kin posing for my camera :)

Von Jee, Lai Yee, Jan Jan and I posing back LOL

I was extremely touched when everyone enforced on the statement to keep contact, to hang out once we return etc. Of all people, Sundram surprised me because the other day.. he had called to ask when's my flight. If I do get posted in Malaysia, it's best to be in the same hospital as Sharon because he said he'll kao tim the alcohol and smokes LOL Insert IV with beer into his veins ;) Sukhi said he would drive me to fucking Jujhar's house and we will kick his balls. Hahahahaha that was a grrrrrreat thought.

Fiq and Venoo Boy posing for someone's camera and I snapped at them ;)

Sweet, sweet Christabel and Min Guan (lovely couple!)

Good friends, great folks whom I wish to see in future :)

I was pretty reluctant to leave when it was closing in to 11pm. My flight is on Wednesday (9th) and that's it. I don't even know if I'll see them when I'm home in Malaysia. Maybe a few but definitely not all of them. Khairimi and Fared Othman have big plans and I might prolly miss it. Khairimi, sayang oi! She is the closest Malay girl I know here, genuinely cute and speaks her mind. Also, she was the first JPA student I met in Pushkin, "Hi, I'm Amy". Hahahahahaa such fond memories.

Our Malaysian Embassy was really thoughtful and generous (I heard the Datin cooked all the dishes) to hold this dinner (and more) for us. Though I never stepped foot there as many times as my friends, it is a place we could call home in times of need. I guess. Some of us like them, some of us dislike but all my visits to that place have been fun. The BBQ, the dinners and such. Even this evening. It played a part of my stay in Russia all these years. Where else in the world would students and Embassy staff are so close-knitted? :)

Jan Jan trying to pose with Putin LOL

Sharini, my batchmate, friend and fellow Blogger :)

Feels heavy now that I'm leaving.

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