Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Last year when I hung out with my friends from Volgograd in Moscow, it was damn fun. RSMU hosted the Games and I brought them around. We hit the watering holes, played pool till 5-6am (except for Leeds who went back early to sleep- nerd :P). It was also followed by a sad memory though.. Daddy passed away after that weekend. That was why I didnt have an entry about the fun we had. Now I do! They were impressed that I remember Wan Wan and Michelle.

Such cartoons, how to forget?

Leed Wi is waaaaaaay (too much) taller than I *pine tree*

With the gang outside European Shopping Complex!

It was really good to see the familiar faces again :) Leed Wi, Kammow, Chili (her name is Hui Qien) and 2 of their friends. We had quite a dinner, from waiting ages for it to blackout and when the lights came back on, food was served shortly after. I didn't know Kammow graduated as a Dentist! Maybe I did, I just forgot :P I was damn surprised, seriously! Since he has graduated, that leaves Chili alone for one more year. She is a real darling, soft spoken just the way I remember her. We have a great connection with or without the Redd's beer ;) And she hustled me in pool the last time LOL

Kammow snapping pictures of the table full of Tibetan dishes

Leed Wi's high school uniform looked weird back in SSM times!

Turkish wasnt feeling too well, poor thing. Must be the ever-changing weather, from hot to cold and vice versa. I felt so bad asking him to join us for dinner but I did want him to be around :( Still, my boyfriend was a real sport to chitchat with them and when we were speaking in Cantonese (especially with Kammow), he was very amused, laughing away :) Ooooohhh.. the reason we came to Tibet Kitchen was because they saw the entry on my BLOG last week. My Food Guide is useful after all! :)

Leed Wi was pretty quiet, we hardly caught up with anything. I could make up some time to meet him again tomorrow but he said he might already have plans. We'll see. Turkish and I didnt stick around for too long though because after dinner.. we decided to make a move and they carried on with their agendas in the centre. It would have been really awesome if we could have Redd's and play pool again!

Pffftttt.. he didn't buy me these flowers, Turkish did LOL

It was my first time meeting W.Kiet and Hai Er (I think)
but they seemed like decent folks.. the other 4 are just nuts :P

Either ways, I reckon I'll see them back in Malaysia :) I know I will see Leed Wi, like I always do every summer.. no, wait a minute. Last summer we didnt meet up but hell, he's got another year to go. If I could meet him in London's Chinatown, IN a Japanese restaurant called Gili-Gulu on CNY 2006, what are the odds of seeing him elsewhere again LOL

Prolly my first time in history writing 3 entries for a day! So much ongoings, I feel busy and I like it! Day after tomorrow is M2's Graduation, I'm running out of dresses to wear! Hehehehe I think it's gonna be fun! Time is flying so fast it's not funny. My flight is on the 9th July (next Wednesday) will be here in no time! And I really, really got to pack, pack, pack! *jots down to my reminder*


chiiliyeow said...

wow, u managed to find out the old pictures we took together..you sam!
i just reached home..
pleasant journey yal!

Gorgeous Ol' Eve. Prefers Vanilla To Chocolate. You? said...

Yupe! Of course I have them! Such memorable good times I had with you all ;)

Anonymous said...

did u mistaken nerd for hansem...typo right? no need to thank me for pointing out ur mistakes..

ya..kilu kilu.haha...u stalked me. I knew it.!

Gorgeous Ol' Eve. Prefers Vanilla To Chocolate. You? said...

Nerd means nerdlahhh LOL