Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Coffee & Cakes

Boss, Wishi-wishu and Mel came in very different outfits. Boss wore a sexy white (pristine white) jacket, Wishi-wishu was very casual and Mel.. well.. Mel.. uhhmmm.. Hobo summer-looking LOL The last time I was at Coffee Mania here was prolly 2 years ago when Shu was down. I was bitter that the Terrace tables were so damn packed, we couldnt sit out in the sun :(

View from our table, there must be about 10 Barristas at the counter!

Picky choosers (Mel looks like he's picking elsewhere :P)

Headlines of the day.. not to say too interesting for 1st July 2008

Nevertheless, anywhere with good friends is always a blast! We sat inside, made so much noise I was surprised Igor (our waiter) still served us :P I only ordered a Bingo-Bango Mint, don't ask why the glamourous name. Every one had a cake, or at least shared one. Igor was so eager to please us, he kept insisting on suggesting something for us. Pfffftttt. Newbie, issit.

The current issue is the big, crude mistake on our transcripts. Right on top of the mark sheet, our country is typed as "Republic of Malaysia". WTF. We aint no Republic! It looks more wrong than it sounds on our official document! I had failed to notice the atrocious typo earlier until Mel brought it up. Now the Malaysian Embassy is making a big hoo-ha and so is the Dean's Office. Some shit like that. They are calling all the papers back to not even erase (can dream about printing us new and correct ones) but CUT OFF THE WORD "Republic of". Humanity is truly losing any little intelligence/knowledge they have left. Can you believe it's gonna look like this?

Previous credential:
Higher Secondary Education Certificate 2001, Republic of *signed* Malaysia

It's fucking ridiculous.

On a happier note, we did have a lot of good laughs of other matters. Mel's Black Mamba cake was sinfully sweet and thick, 100% chocolate and 1 bite was enough to cause sugar high. Vv had an equally sinful Pecan Cake, that one I told Igor she is Diabetic but he pretended to be oblivious to maintain sales. Hahahahaa poor thing. We disturbed him enough, I think. He prolly thought we were a bunch of jakuns let loose this afternoon.

Black Mamba, Pecan Cake and best/most expensive Cheesecake in town!

Vv.. definitely gonna miss having her around! *sniff, sniff*

L-R : Myself, Mel, Viro, Wishi-wishu, Pisa and Boss

I went on to meeting Turkish at M.Kuznetsky Most for dinner with Leed Wi, Kammow, Chiili and their 2 other friends. Their flight from Volgograd-Moscow was delayed by many hours (which was a blessing in disguise for me because I got to spend time with my friends during the early half of the day). The rest of them headed to Kafe 123 and later, Poker Night. Oooohhh I missed another Poker Night!

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