Saturday, June 14, 2008


This entry is typed by my assistant boyfriend, Turkish. Hahaha this is so funny, note that he space bars twice after every sentence. And I'm making him type this too! (Wait till my typos get onto her nerves).

Our Post-GOS Exam Party was a real blast. I cant remember the exact number of people who came but it was confirmed more than 56! Few who have exams on Monday still came :P The night was awesome. Turkish and I checked out the joint at around 10pm to make connections with the manager, Tatyana and the bouncers to let in all the foreigners tonight. I explained that we have freshly graduated and celebrating it tonight.

The biggest club in Moscow!! Face control?? Hahahahaa go and die :P

True to their word, everyone got in without a sweat. The only sweat trickled was from dancing and/or shaking bon bons LOL I was so glad to see everyone having fun, drinking and simply enjoying themselves. Others who didnt make it *sniff, sniff* except for chubbipenguin (that one I personally made sure she didnt because MY friends are my top priority). I was exhilarated to be such an excellent host(ess), I really didnt expect being thanked and thumbed ups left right the entire night!!

Here are prolly 1% of the pictures taken during the 8-hour celebration. Hahahaha I will most prolly pass all the pictures to someone, someday. There are toooooooo many!! Rajiv was so right to say "This is home, they are the foreigners!" while pointing at the other white folks. The guys looked good, the girls were gorgeous and totally clubbing material, even my boyfriend was dressed sharply LOL I enjoyed myself so much, having shots with Pisa and others, danced and danced. I don't really know how else to describe the party. It was wild, sexy and bloody awesome!!

My boyfriend who supported me throughout the entire plan *mucuk*

Boss and Pisa, the loveliest friends I have around (Pisa the Lala)

Ooooohhh.. spicy babes I loved to see most!!
L-R: Puspha, Von Yen, myself, Sharini and sweet, sweet Swee Hung

Indian girlfriends who came! Where was Shilpa??
L-R: Nabeela, Esther, you know who, Archana and Reshma :)

The barmen who served us and definitely made much cash tonight

Hot, hot happy guys- Douglas, Igi and Mior!! *fan myself*

Pisa and I on B52!! Woooohoooooo, fucking yummy!!

Party people in da house! RnB dance floor belonged to us!!

We proceeded to the Summer Terraza when there were performances going on. I lost track of time but the sky was losing its dark blue so my guess is that, it could be close to 3am LOL There was a fire cauldron in the middle and almost naked female and not-so-attractive male dancers on the podiums. The girls ganged up and made me dance to a male dancer :P Hahahahaaa it was hilarious. Minutes after, I thought I lost my clutch. OMG. Turned out, Jan Jan was holding on to it when they pushed me to the podium!!

Check out how Malaysians can party everywhere!

Not to say the Russian clubbers looked too sexy also LOL

And I say we can easily top them!!

The guys went horny wild with these 2 chicks LOL

Yes! I found my clutch, I found my clutch!!

And naturally, I needed more shots LOL

No vomit after vodkas though, I had 5 (maybe 6 only)

Hahahahaa I told you :P

Everyone should be pretty exhausted. Most of us carried on dancing, RnB songs which came on got more and more unfamiliar LOL I think I got older now, my heels were killing me and I couldnt scream no more. Must be the cheap alcohol :P I need to get back in shape for summer!! The feng tau floor upstairs wasnt as fun, it was smoky and somewhat empty. You know, good thing I didnt reserve an exclusive table or two quoted by Tatyana, 30 people 20,000pyb and 50 people would have been 35,000pyb++. The entire 1st Floor was already ours *wink*.

Back inside to continue.. *I am posting soooo many pics, wait, there's more*

Rajiv and I, party liaisons just like good old days nights in KL!!

Check out how we dominated ZONA Club LOL

CK Moy and lovely Catherine who has exams on Monday! Hello, Gary!

Partial Group 3 members, Quek prolly drinking at the bar LOL
While Sunny and Victor are roaming Nevsky Street in St.Petersburg!

The Russian is Anya (nice girl), then Avadhut and Venoo Boy,
Pisa's state of highness, myself jivin' and CK grinning from ear to ear

My feet were killing me already by the time it was closing in to 630am. I had my last shot of Sembucha with Angeline, that sent me straight into blurry-dizzy-I-cant-walk-straight mode LOL I was intoxicated and sleepy. All I remember was, familiar faces biding farewell, the "See you on 24th" and lots of hugging action. I peeked out and the sky was brighter than the time before I entered ZONA. Hahahahaha I think the night lasted long enough. OMG. It was enough. Any more shots, I would have definitely embarrass myself or puked or something.

My poor, poor feet.. check out the strap marks LOL

The final moments, my Sony W120's energy was also drained

Hahahaha but grrrrreat lighting effects!!

Sembucha.. arrrgghhhh! Inhaling the fumes was fun though :P

Now I gotta think how to upload or pass all the pictures to my friends. It was surely a night to remember. It was worth all the calls and planning :) Now this is what a call, the best post-graduation party ever!! I cant believe I actually went around telling the staff that we are doctors. Which part? LOL


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ey? where is my pic...keke

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Your pic? You're too handsome, I can't show people here LOL

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thanks for the photos!

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

ZONA.. ZONA... *giggles*