Saturday, June 28, 2008

Trippin' Morning

When Vv called me at 720am sharp for breakfast at Starlite Diner, I woke up faster than I went to bed last night. I was THAT excited. Pisa's folks have left for Copenhagen so they were returning from the airport. Breakfast was fun, considering that I havent spent much time with Vv since her Mission To Moscow's comeback. I was surprisingly energetic this morning, Pisa figured it was the coffee. "Bahahahahaha CJ never drinks coffee!!!" :P

Errrr.. I suppose they were right LOL

I had an omelette, Pisa had Beef Benedicts, Wishi-wishu had sexy Sandwiches while Vv hit straight to dessert, a plate of whopping Banana and Pecan Pancakes. Foooossshhh, it was really yummy. Hehehee Wishi-wishu was my victim because I teased him being "Bart Simpson on a Sunday" (when he goes to church). It was true! The hairstyle!! LOL We had a lot of fun watching news on CNN, about Nelson Mandela's 90th Birthday party, Obama and Clinton's pact (best friends now ehhh) and some other news. I remember one had fire chimneys.. oil issue I suppose.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day *snicker*

See what I mean!

Vv posing with everyone, her blissful expression with Pisa

After that, we lala-ed in Ashan City. Checked out a couple of shops, not to say damn interesting sales or what. The mall was very empty, well, it wasnt even noon yet. Pisa announced that shes got damn a lot of things to buy, so we went to the hypermarket. Vv even pushed a huge ass trolley around. Wishi-wishu needed hair gel, I needed body lotion.. OMG, it was massive. In the end, unintentional, all we bought.. or rather Pisa bought was..

Hahahahahaaa no shit, Sherlock!

I went on to meet Turkish and tonight, we would boogie at Hard Rock Cafe! Vv wants to scooter down memory lane by going to places and doing things she used to do. It is something very sweet she's doing.. though the gap's only 2 years. Not 20 hehehehee Actually, Vv's presence in the house, it felt either she never left or she brought the past back to us. Seriously speaking, its more of the latter :)

This is me, Viro and Pisa :)

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