Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Stone Statues

I think I might be running out of ideas to bring my peeps. I didnt expect it to rain so heavily at VDNKh!! OMG. I feel soooooo terrible for suggesting to Mummy and Fats. Not only the weather sucked, the fountains were closed and some renovation going on. It was really bad. Still, our happy family mood carried on as we proceeded to Ismailova which was pouring even more *sniff, sniff*.

Propylea gate where my brother feels the Soviet triumphant days

I loved my outfit today!! I look so peachy LOL

Seelahhhh.. lucky for us, we brought umbrellas in or bags

Actually, for like 10s of times I went to the Ismailovskii Park market.. I have never took a look at the Kremlin v Ismailova next to it. There are many colourful tourettes and very wooden architecture.. but it just never attracted me to enter. Of course, today we just had to LOL To shelter ourselves from the rain :P We even visited the Russian Vodka Museum!! Quite interesting but "see no drink". For whatttt then! Their TRAKTIR restaurant inside the museum serves excellent Russian cuisine. They have a wide selection of local dishes and we ordered several to try (and sat around till rain stopped).

Turkish admiring the collection bottles

Vodka brand name "100 Greatest" with names of historical Russian figures

Fats with "Scottish" salad on black bread

I turn 24 this year and Mummy still feeds me LOL

OoOoohh.. Russian caviar and pancakes!! (too fishy for me)

Mummy, Fats, myself and Turkish in front of Kremlin v Ismailova :)

**Argggghh, I gotta catch my train to St.Petersburg!! I'll write when I return on Sunday morning. Ooof.. I don't like to leave my entree halfway but ohhh well, that can only be all for now LOL

Now that I'm back, let me continue about our trip and post more pictures!! *Fats commented that I post too few hehehee*

It was still pretty early to head home or go anywhere else but Turkish spontaneously suggested that we drop by Victory Park. You'd be surprised that I have been in Russia for 6 1/2 years but I havent been there before. My family's 3rd Day here and voila, they have definitely seen more than I did LOL Victory Park has a huge obelisk (how phallic) and many fountains along the stretch towards it. The sky turned bright all of a sudden :)

Fats, myself and Mummy enjoying ourselves under the sun!!

Fats' triumphant pose in front of the 150 meter victorious monument

Turkish and I walking back to my Mum..

.. who sat all by herself while we charged upfront :P

Ahhhh.. my baby brother, always hawking to attack Russian girls LOL


Emonix said...

Seems like you are having much needed fun with mum and Fats. Tell them I said hi! And tell your mum she has a son in NYC but she just doesn't know about it. LOL.

wicrap said...

tapau kutlet from peter for me....

Gorgeous Ol' Eve. Prefers Vanilla To Chocolate. You? said...

Hehehehe I'm back!!

I am, Kor.. I am!! St.Pete's was grrrrreat and my family totally enjoyed it. My mum remembers you but I don't think she is very aware that you're her NYC son :P

Gorgeous Ol' Eve. Prefers Vanilla To Chocolate. You? said...

Cutlet from St.Pete's? ........