Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Scribble and Signs

Guess what what this is?

Hehehee my results sheet. I think this was taken by Arunah after the marks were finalised. Turns out, (in some cases) marks given by the professors as soon as we got up from the chair were further discussed amongst themselves and prolly changed. A friend of mine said the marks he saw which were written on his paper were different from what he got now *shrugs*.

All is well though. If you squint closely to the picture, you will see a lot of scribblings LOL The top 2 columns are Therapy and Surgery while the last column that looks like "xop" is the puki subject Gynaecology. Then their signatures and a co-signer's who happened to be Hamiak (Russian=Hamster) from the Infectious Disease Department. Ahhh.. I forgot to story about her.

So, 3 professors right and an "assistant" to handle name list, writings etc. So Hamiak (she looks like one) was really nice. Even back then during our cycle, she was quick and straight to the point in her lectures. When I was done with my cases, this Hamiak caught hold of me and asked, "What about Cholera?". OMG. She needed some limelight for her field too!! I was VERY close to answering, "Think India, Think Cholera" but I didnt :P I answered her a thing or two and she was grinning, nodding and all. Those puffy cheeks LOL

My overall mark is still a 5 *wink*. Mummy is really happy and she said she'll bring me gifts and more. Hahahaahahaha yes! Speaking of which, I have stuff to do today other than shopping. Call the ZONA Club manager (again) because she found out we are foreigners and reserving table is NOT 250pyb. I feel like shit because I went around announcing the wrong price.. Oooohhh, man! I have a feeling I will just have to cover most of it *sniff, sniff*.

Also, I'm torn between bringing Mummy and Fats to a circus or ballet. I'll definitely do both but I'm not sure to purchase the tickets when they're here or beforehand. Then I need to clean my room!! Actually clean the whole house!! OMG. Imagine my family seeing the state of living condition I'm in. What else, I have a date with Turkish later in the evening. We might be dropping by the Oriental Art Exhibition in TSUM.. or was it some Modern Art?

And here I thought, exams are over. Seems like there's nothing to do :)

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