Sunday, June 29, 2008


Quote of the day: "There is mass, like the luggage. Even when empty.. it still weighs" - Turkish

I really don't understand why this traveling circus at M.Rechnoi Vokzal isn't heavily promoted like Nikulin's or Moscow's Great Circus. Turkish and I went for the 3pm show, it was excellent. The circus is located deep inside Park Druzhbii (Friendship Park). We arrived an hour earlier to check out the area. Lush green, enormous lakes and a couple of fields for American football.

Hehehee some old farts fishing by the lake

A struggling mother pushing her pram through mud/puddle

Couldn't help it, the pigeon posed for me LOL

The weather was gloomy but our moods werent dampened by it! Safari Circus, here we come! There's a statue in the park, of a couple holding an olive branch (looks like it) high in the air and around them were 5 bronze plates of the continents. Like the Olympic rings- Asia, Australia, Africa, America and Europe. Turkish and I took turns posing with the plates, some cheap thrillslahhhh :P

The Friendship Statue ;)

Clockwise : Asia, America, Europe and Africa (Turkish meditating there)

Ta-daaaaa!! Australia Down Under LOL (gosh, I look evil)

I love our little outings. It's beautiful to have someone who enjoys what you like. Walks in parks, taking the Metro.. I know we've only been together for like 4 months, it could just be the honeymoon period and all but I really have a good feeling about us. The BIG step I plan to take secures the relationship and this much proves how I determine I am about our relationship :) He makes me happy. Better yet, he makes my entire family happy!

Yeahhh, the Safari Circus. It's strange how it's difficult to purchase tickets from kiosks. I have asked twice from different companies and they ran out of seats. I was damn excited to see the colourful tent, so was Turkish! We were discussing yesterday how we wished the circus nowadays would be like the Gimboli's circus, with cage caravans and gypsies and everything LOL Surprisingly, this Safari Circus was a little bit like what we wished for!! No fat, mustached Gimboli but there WAS a Gimboli, the ringmaster!! :)

Yupe.. ALL the animals featured on the poster performed!

Ancient circus posters! We found them pasted on the fences :)

Pictures I managed to capture in secret until I was caught :P

The 10-minute interval when picture taking with animals was free!!

The trapeze act was good, the acrobats.. all of them were awesome! Performers without safety or harnesses are always most entertaining. If there is some sort of string attached to their limbs are minus points. I mean, how to hold my breath if there isnt a chance for them to fall and break their neck? LOL Overall it was grrrreat. You know, halfway through the show.. it rained cats and dogs outside. The tent started to leak hehehee Classic. Even for a small scale traveling circus, they definitely left us impressed :)

Turkish and I are up for more entertainment. We have bought tickets to a New Opera titled Spartak for next Saturday! I cant wait! See. It's too good to be true to have someone to share my interests with!!


Anonymous said...

wei wei, think of some interesting ones for us...........u r our tour guide!!

Gorgeous Ol' Eve. Prefers Vanilla To Chocolate. You? said...

Hehehee who's coming?