Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Red Square

What a day!! If you never visited the Kremlin, you've never visited Moscow.

Even though slightly wet and gloomy in the morning, I brought Mummy and Fats to M.Ohotnei Ryad and lucky for us, the sun peeked out in the afternoon :) Otherwise, I can't stand to see Mummy shivering at every gust of wind. It was so lovely, strolling down the cobblestones with them. Fats is 19 this year and "Tears well up my eyes to see my baby brother grow into a fine, young man".

Upon entering Red Square, in front of the gates

Mummy and I along GUM shopping mall :) :) :)

Back then, he never smiled and always carried this expression like he hates the world. Now, he grins at anything, better yet, everything! Oohhh guess what happened at the Red Square. There was a group of 4 Russian girls and one of them blew smoke into his face, smiled at him. OMG. Sluts. Fats was naturally very flattered but didnt comprehend the atrocity of her action. Bitch.

We had lunch at this Japanese/European restaurant opposite GUM. After that, we walked past St.Basil's Cathedral and down to the riverside. Kept walking, until I felt we were rather lost and my Map boyfriend called to give me directions! We met up to visit the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour but guess what, Mummy was denied entry :P The security guard said to her "Noh, noh discko *pointing at HER shoes*, discko, noh!". Hahahahahaa her sneakers were sequined!! That also cannot enter. I saw some Russian girls with whore heels also can strut in freely *humppphhh!*.

Isn't it kinda obvious that Fats is a Mummy's Boy? LOL

Looks so beautiful from afar.. little did we know..

Hahahahahahaha Mummy's pair of discko shoes!!

Feeling dejected, we went to M.Kievskaya for a cruise LOL

Mummy, enjoying the scenic view on the Moscow river

My cheeky brother trying to sneak behind a group of girls LOL

Turkish and I *giggles*

Dinner was at the much recommended DRUZHBA. Last month, I didnt manage to patronise that joint with Group 5 fellas so this time was a grrrrrreat opportunity for me since Mummy requested to try Chinese food. So freaking authentic. The portions were waaaaayy too big though. Turkish loved the Braised Trotter, I loved the Ma Poh Tofu. Mummy said it wasnt too nice and Fats now whining he got chubbier. Hahahaha no comments :P

As usual.. being sneaky and now behind the menu

Very, very yummy Ma Poh TOfu! I'll be back for more!!

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