Thursday, June 26, 2008


1. Simply describe yourself in 5 words.
- Loud, jovial, carefree, compassionate, sharp-tongued.

2. Weird/interesting fact about you.
- I talk in my sleep.

3. Habits that you can’t change.
- Dying my hair, always up for fun even when I’m knee deep in work and being too noisy.

4. What do you do when you’re alone / when no one is watching?
- Blast some music and dance in front of the mirror, if there's one.

5. What was the craziest thing you ever did while you were in Moscow?
- Helped grow "Mary Joanna", harvested and smoked her (if you catch my drift :P).

6. If you could change anything at all about Moscow, what would it be?
- The locals' negative aura and rudeness. Moscow should have budget airlines like Ryanair too.

7. What do you remember most during your days as a student in Moscow?
- Big scale outings/parties/festive celebrations, made great friends and memories.

8. Any vivid memories / unforgettable experiences?
- Watching tons of movie with Boss and Pisa, and drinking too much in the hostel.

9. Name things you could have done in Moscow, but never had the chance to.
- Befriend Russians.

10. If you could have any other job than a doctor, what would it be?
- Definitely PR Manager for clubs/events or Marketing, those that require my friendly skills.

11. If they made a movie on your life, which actor/actress would portray you?
- Julia Roberts. Firstly is because I like her. Her character is strong, smart, adventurous and I love her big smile. Her role in movies like falling for her best friend (My Best Friend's Wedding), a liberal arts teacher who encourages females to be ambitious (Mona Lisa Smile) and fighter cock material simply fits me (Erin Brockovich).

12. What would you miss most about Moscow?
- Being a student and everything that came with it when I was one.

13. If you were abandoned in the wilderness, who would you like to have with you, and why?
- My boyfriend, just because.

14. Which Muscovite/Russian would you miss?
- Hmmmm.. this is a tough one. Maybe Galena, the doorkeeper of my apartment.

15. If you meet your batch-mates after 20 years’, what activities would you likely do with them?
- If really meet up after 20 years, I'd like to make a trip to Moscow with them.

16. Your favourite quote?
- One of Quek's most used, "Bored, sleepy and hungry".

17. Would you like to bring one of our lecturers back to your hometown? Why?
- Infectious Disease's Anokhina, she will be stoned to death.

18. In general, what do you think of Moscow? Muscovite? Russian cuisine?
- I enjoy them all, minus the unfriendliness. Food is always good here.

19. What are your future plans after graduation?
- Be with my boyfriend.

20. What would you like to say all your friends, whom you’ve spent 6-7 years here in Moscow with, before we part?
- Keep the cheers, leave the tears. Rejoice the best times MMA Class of 2008 had all these years! Remember who we are, wherever we may be. We graduated together in style; we are doctors now, finally!!

**Yellow questions are what I answered for the Scrapbook

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