Monday, June 02, 2008

Paperwork 100%

I think I did many things today. First, I went to M.Chistye Prudy to pick up my translated back of SPM cert. Yeahh, the empty back sheet which I was forced to translate. Bloody hell. Then I went to M.Park Kultury and handed in the documents for nostrification. Hopefully nothing screws up.

For juniors in future, this is the shithole (you can't miss it)

Counter No.1 for nostrification (right), the one next to it to apostil stuff

I found the place just like Lai Yee pointed out. The sweetheart drew me a map. It was easy to find. Old red building, pffftttt. Not impressive at all. I was told to go to counter No.1 because that particular lady was the one who rejected mine. Anyways, I can relax a little bit now since she kinda assured me that everything is there and I can collect on 2nd of July.

Once the paperworks settled, I met up with Boss and Pisa for a drink. Lucky they got theirs today. Poor Douglas, I heard his father's invitation letter was wrongly collected by someone and now it's missing. Hope he finds it back. Mummy and Fats are coming to Russia on the 16th, on the following Monday after my finals. My graduation is on the 24th. They are coming a week earlier to visit Moscow and St.Petersburg (I can't wait for them to meet Turkish too!). They will leave on 25th so that I can handle my degree and do whatever that has to be done.

Boss and Pisa in the Metro *surprise, surprise*

Uhmmm.. this is me, though not very convincing LOL

OMG. I am fucking tired. We managed to scan and email all the invitation letters back home. Fats has to apply for his visa in Singapore. It slipped my mind that the Russian embassy needs the original passport to process the documents. I really pray that everything will be ready before their flight. Otherwise, I will cry my lungs out.

Happy studying, everybody! Gam-fucking-bate!!


Pisa knows all sees all said...

apa ini man, you took photos of us and we didn't notice!!! Good one. Gam-fucking-bate ay? Haih. I watched two movies in a row and then came to visit you in your room and found you fast asleep!!! haaaa!!

Gorgeous Ol' Eve. Prefers Vanilla To Chocolate. You? said...

Hahahaaa apa ni man. Sneaking up on me like that! No wonder I heard mosquito buzzing when I was sleeping.

The picture was good right, email back to Pa and Ma. Guarantee send you more pocket money :P