Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Panic Breakdown

I am feeling kinda fucked up about the GOS/State exam (sat by medical students in the whole of Russia). Damn, sounds massively important. I have been shitting bricks for the past week. Not even sure why since everybody, mainly us and even the professors say it's a "sure pass" thing. Percentage of failing is like 1% and only happens if cases are wrongly diagnosed. I mean, wrong means wrong. I'm sure you yourself wont even have the dignity to receive a MEDICAL degree.

You dare receive, ah?

Passing is one thing, scoring 5s (Russian grade A)is another thing. Whatever-it-chis, in the end, we only hope to go up the stage grinning from ear to ear at cameras, hands outstretched to receive the hardcover degree. Be it, red or blue. Red is 1st Class Honours. Blue is for common achievers. Me? Of course I'll receive the latter considering my first exam was a 3 (Russian grade C) LOL 6 years isnt a short, especially having to endure freezing winters, low grade treatment from locals, unfriendly environment and the list goes on.

Still, you know what. I like Moscow. Maybe love it even. "Harrr??". Many might think that I'm crazy. I don't know. I mean, there are some perks here. For holidays, it is a gateway into Europe. For food, it is one of the capitals with restaurants more than you can visit (or afford LOL). For leisure, there are many places to go to. I am all out for Malaysia where my family and friends are.. but I am also one of the very few amongst who would sail out, not because grass is greener on the other side but to have a taste of the grass on the other side.

I watched the youtube video clip entitled "Here In My Home - Malaysian Artistes for Unity" that has been circling on Facebook walls. It's beautiful. Despite the fact that racism, double standards in our country and bias towards certain races exists, listening to this song kinda erases them all away. (ps. My best, the Indian uncle in blue shirt who comes on later reminds me of your dad LOL)

I was browsing on my friends' blogs yesterday and I came across Sharini's who posted pictures of her Group chronologically. I don't have a collection of my Group 3's with me since the first few years I was snapping with a manual Olympus. Looking at her pictures, and also Khairimi's photo albums (at her apartment the other day), she was right that "Macam tak lama aje" (BM="Like not long ago"). Most of us have morphed into better-looking species. Okay okay. In nicer words.. blossomed gracefully into maturity. Wakakakakaaa. See if I can dig from my freeservers' archives.

SBARROS with Boss and Pisa, my best friends since Pre-Med Course

Group 3 1st Year in Anatomy class, prolly poking some brains there LOL

After Anatomy exam in 2nd Year before the winter holidays!
L-R: Rajiv, Prof.Lydia, Me, Macik, Jan Jan, Venoo Boy, Ju, Sunny and Min Guan

BBQ at Embassy (either during Pre-Med or 1st Year)
Good Old, Friendly Days: Chun Lin, Quek, Me and Celyn

This was definitely 1st Year with The Girls at Sante Fe :)
Hahahaha look at the faces with baby fats! Can sip cocktails somemore!

Group 3 2nd Year with Dr.Sekacheova for Basic Therapy

And this is who I've always wanted to be..

Hahahahaaa compare to the first picture at the beginning of this post :P

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Anonymous said...

chill girl,
sure u can pass with flying colors, aint u the 'grand product' of ssm. make us proud.



Gorgeous Ol' Eve. Prefers Vanilla To Chocolate. You? said...

Wahlauuuu.. Chan Leed Wi!! Thank you, thank you. I feel so touched with your supportive words. Thank you!

But then ahhh, I can't help but suspect the sarcastic tone in your "aint u the 'grand product' of ssm". Hahahahaa okaylahhh.. next time we yum cha or yum zhau, I'm sure there.

Falcon said...

I like the picture of the Marked pigeons..You really conveyed the message...lol

don't worry you will do well!!

Pisa knows all sees all said...

breeaaagggghhhhhh look at us in Shokoladnitsa! I loved this post. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and the pigeon pic is exeptionally accurate, even if we're suffering from the S.A syndrome ;)

Pisa knows all sees all said...

sorry.... Sbarro's..... oooppsss.

Gorgeous Ol' Eve. Prefers Vanilla To Chocolate. You? said...

Hehehee thanks, Falcon. I do hope so and ohhh, a warm welcome to you for checking out my blog :)

Oi. Pisa, apa ni. Not only you're suffering from S.A. syndrome.. I see Poor Memory also in order LOL Dielah. Sbarros became Schokoladnitsa.. exam time heart failure became toothache then how!! :P

ps. ppl, dont panic LOL S.A. syndrome is Study Avoidance syndrome (ie, go shower, go toilet, clean the house, cook dinner, anything that works)

Anonymous said...

why nobody trust that i can be warm n supportive at times of need. *wink*

of course yum zhau la!!

Hannan said...

Rajiv looked funny indeed :)

anyway,have u finish reading the mcqssss

good luck for tomorrow darling !

Gorgeous Ol' Eve. Prefers Vanilla To Chocolate. You? said...

Hehehee yum zhau ahh. See who lam first :P

Thanks Hannan, but MCQ's on Friday for us :)