Monday, June 23, 2008

Souvenir Shopping

Tomorrow I graduate.. I have mixed emotions and I'm gonna use them well :)

I brought Mummy and Fats to the VERNISASCH this afternoon since Fats wanted to buy souvenirs for his friends. It's a Monday but the entrance was free (usually some guy would collect a small fee of 30pyb). The stalls were almost empty, only a handful were operating. I managed to help my brother choose some Matrioshka for a cheap price. Mummy didnt find that place too nice though.

Hehehehe and Fats says the souvenirs are for girls AND guys ;P

Mummy trying on a traditional "ushanka".. made of sheep skin I think

And Fats.. I caught him sniffing fox's tail LOL

My brother's favourite local drink, Kvass (a fermented bread drink)

I havent seen Turkish for slightly more than 24 hours and I miss him so much. Even Mummy agrees that it felt like a long time!! I mean, we spent a few days in St.Petersburg together and now without him around.. I felt like I was short of a kidney. Hahahahahaa Pisa's internal joke :P We made plans with Turkish for dinner at an African restaurant. Mummy was sooooo excited about having some exotic steak but unfortunately, Bungalo Bar is very modest, no crocodile nor zebra meat LOL

It offers Ethiopian cuisine and if you know Ethiopia which used to be one of the poorest country in the world, you can more or less imagine the selection of menu (not too fancy). Still, we went there for an experiment and seeing Turkish in a joint with Negro deco, added spices to the evening. We had rolled up pancakes, lamb Goulash and some other dishes. Quite interesting to eat with their thin, weird-but-quite-nice-tasting wraps. I passed him Victor's invitation card. He substitutes Victor's brother, Vincent Yap!! I am so thankful that he will be able to attend my graduation tomorrow!! :) :) :)

Damn cute picture, looks like "the blind leading the blind(s)" :P

Some pictures I took of them at Bungalo Bar/Addis Ababa

I am sitting on the fence about my graduation outfit!! I don't know which dress to wear!!! I have 3 lovely dresses and I need to pick the better looking one. Ohhhh well. I never wanted to wear formal/pant suit from the beginning so a shirt with slacks or skirt is a no-no for me. I know it looks professional or whatsoever, think about having to wear it for the rest of your live in your field doesnt give me much appeal for a special day. Plus, I have attended 2 graduation of yesteryears and trust me, dresses are just as nice (if not, more gorgeous) under the robe!! Now which one??

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