Monday, June 16, 2008

Mummy & Fats

.. are in Moscow!! I was so excited today, gave my room a last minute cleaning while Boss and Pisa cleaned the house. I met Turkish who was nervous and excited as well to meet my family. We took the Airport Express to Domodedova, it was express in the sense that it stops for no one but it was as good as a roller coaster ride. The train honked for no reason, it shook all the way until I was groggy when I got off the wagon.

Turkish and I waited for an hour plus. I bought Mummy a stalk of scarlet Sunflower, as a welcome gift. There were many flights which arrived and I caught sight of a group of Japanese tourists, age definitely above 60-70 years old following their guide from KINKI Holidays. Hahahahaa I'm not sure how but with them nodding and shouting "Hai, Hai, Hai!" (Cantonese=pussy) left me laughing uncontrollably. KINKI Holidays, damn man. I gotta sign up when I fit that age group and if, still thriving sexually. Goodness. KINKI Holidays :P

Hehehehe my first time doing an airport pick up :P

Outside Domodedova and yes, Fats have slits for eyes!

We took a cab home and left to Old Arbat for dinner. I felt the weather was warm/humid but Mummy kept saying that she was cold and the wind was chilly. I intended to bring them to HRC for nice Pork Ribs but Mummy commented that it was too warm inside and music was too loud. Service was slow and patio seats were closed, so we left and parked ourselves at Shashlik-Mashlik. Ehhhh, surprisingly it's a nice joint (opposite Moo Moo)!!

Mummy and I in front of Pushkin and his wife, Natalya's statue

Aaaaahhh.. unbelievable! Mummy and Fats on Moscow streets!!

Fats enjoyed his Borsch, Mummy loved her Moors drink and I can safely say that they make excellent Dolma. Dolma is a dish of.. how do I describe it, minced meat (I had lamb mince) wrapped in vine leaves. Steamed and eaten with yogurt. It was delicious!! Their Mutton Plov was so-so. Rather plain but rice, these Middle Eastern cuisine make the best rice really. Fragrant and soft. Turkish was very comfortable and I am glad that my family members find him nice. Fats gave me *thumbs up* and said, "I approve". Very good, very good.

Everyone taken with their dish but I forgot about myself LOL

We came home and I am seriously tired as hell. I don't know why but it feels as though I havent fully recovered from that ZONA Club night. OMG. Age has caught up with me. Plus my emotions ran at its peak today, it's no wonder that I can hardly keep my eyes open. I'm thinking of giving them a tour on the Red Line tomorrow, from Dean's Office to Kremlin and perhaps Detsky Mir. Mummy mentioned that she would like to try authentic food. I've got a few places in mind already. It's grrrrrreat to have them here. Magical, in fact :)

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