Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Holy Kitchen

Moscow is great when it comes to food. We didnt have plans for the evening @ Graduation Dinner though initially there was word about Group 3 & Families Combo or something like that. In the end, Turkish and my family decided to talk a stroll at M.Pushkinskaya instead. We walked down Tverskaya Street (it started to drizzle). I suggested we have Tibetan cuisine. Tibet Kitchen is set back a little bit off Kamergerskii Pereulok, which is hidden between patio restaurants.

Hehehee Mummy looking like a Arabic woman in pink

I highly recommend this joint, Tibet Kitchen!!

Mummy loved its interiors. Bright red walls, colourful woven Buddhist-prayer mats, a huge knitted view of Lhasa's Potala Palace and ornaments hung at every corner. There were prayer wheels too and I quickly explained to her how they are used ;)

Food names were interesting, their selection was even better. But they took too long to prepare, we waited at least 1/2 hour. Turkish was dying of hunger, so was Fats. Mummy was just annoyed that the table next to us came in later but could pig themselves before their asses warmed the seats LOL

Mummy made a toast tonight, it's rare that she does :)

We had Mo-mo (dumplings), Chicken Tashi Delek, Sheakar
Jong Curry, Fak Sha Khatsa, Tibetan bread and Zeera/Garlic Rice

Nice painting of the tower/castle.. I wonder where in Tibet is it

Well, Mummy and Fats leave tomorrow, flight at 640pm.

Their 10-day stay is just nice, I guess. Of course, I wish for their company eternally but a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. Fats will start university soon. Mummy was a great sport throughout the trip, only complained that we rode the Metro too much LOL She took back her word when we were stuck in traffic earlier today for 1 hour.

I fly home on 9th July though, and we shall reunite!! :)

Turkish will have his fun in Malaysia soon enough ;)

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