Friday, June 20, 2008

"Hof" Or "Gof"

Turkish and I read an article written by a traveler who searched for a Buddhist Temple on the Stone Island (Kamenny Ostrov - north of St.Petersburg) but couldn't find the religious sanctuary. But guess what.. we did!!! Hahahahaaa turns out, it is NOT on the location he described. You need to cross over to Primorskii Prospekt. By Metro, it is closest to the Staraya Derevnya station.

Mummy was the happiest to find the 4-storey Buddiiskii Khram. Its architecture doesn't resemble our Chinese Buddhist temples back home. It looks more like a fort, brownish-red in colour and the place gave me a heavy feeling of very deep historical past, like.. uhhmm, how do I describe it, like it has endured too much over the century. I read more about the Tibetan temple and its founder, Agvan Dorzhiev.. true enough, only a building as strong as its looks and in spirit, would survive the Soviet aggression and hostility (also from others).

The Buddiiskii Khram still stands high and mighty (founded in 1909)

Myself, Mummy and Fats at the entrance

Mummy posing sweetly next to the prayer wheels
(I told her I'd definitely post this on a dating site LOL)

No cameras allowed inside the temple so no pictures, folks. We arrived at a perfect timing because the Lama Master had just started saying prayers. The other devotees eyed at us strangely. They prolly mistook our curiosities as lost faces! Turkish watched the scene in silent, respectfully. After saying our prayers, we got "sacred butter cookies" from his assistant!! Feeling blessed, we continued our itinerary to Peterhof!! :)

Well, the Russians call it Petergof (just like Gary Potter for Harry Potter, Gamlet for Hamlet.. you get the idea LOL). Peterhof has hundreds of fountains, and of course, the main feat is the Grand Cascade, his Grand Palace and the Samson fountain altogether. Mummy said Petergof was way too crowded with tourists and in these kind of environment drives her nuts. Nevertheless, she enjoyed herself. We didnt enter the Grand Palace though, there wasn't much time and we wanted to get back to the city soon.

Fats and Turkish grabbing quick bites from the kiosk

Lovely Turkish's side profile cornered by the Grand Palace

This is Fats for you, Samson's kinda hidden in this picture LOL

A nice picture of us, eh? :)

Mummy and Fats get along very well with Turkish!! Fats is fond of him and looks up to him like an elder brother. They chat alot, feed on eye candies together and Turkish tells me, "Your brother is a good boy". Aaaahhhh.. my first boyfriend who came close to my family. Perfect. Mummy feels comfortable having him with us and that's the most important thing for me. I am glad this trip took place first, it gives them a chance to analyze and observe Turkish :)

We walked around Peterhof a little bit more and left via hydrofoil. Hahahahaa I thought it was a hovercraft :P When we got back to the city, it was a bit of a madness to see Militias and OMON fellas in position at every corner of Nevsky Prospekt. They barricaded the streets, many Russians were waving flags and still, we didnt have a clue of the occasion. Later, I found out it was a holiday today.. some Graduation Day for School Leavers. No wonder teenagers were clad in their best, many wore sashes over their shoulders so it was like a huge celebration for them. Big time losing their virginities street party.

On Board : Fats' with his loyal companion- PSP

It looked more like some demonstration going on LOL

Wild ass kids, some so rowdy I felt like smacking their faces!

We were all tired from the long day really. CUBA Hostel is damn noisy in the night. The backpackers dont seem to sleep, they stay in the common room chatting away. Not to say deafening but our room is in front of the living room/kitchen, we hear them easily. Turkish and I watched a bit of the Turkey-Croatia match before turning in. A few guys watched with us too, but we never spoke nor did they start one. In fact, I dont know why.. whenever we are in the same room, they usually pause/keep quiet in the middle of their conversation. I think that's just weird. Not to say their talks are substantial also. Their topics only revolve around their travels and only their travels.

Tomorrow we will check out, and visit the Catherine Palace in the Pushkin region! Nice!! Oooohhh, we also bought tickets for the must-see Circus on Water show!! We got the "black market" tickets because they were all sold out for the weekend. Hahahahaa it was damn funny. It cost us 250% more than the original ticket price but I really want to see it! Plus, it's also a great way to kill time before we board our train back to Moscow at 1020pm :)

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