Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hats And Robes III

When I was seated at the ceremonial hall, I had flashbacks of Viro and Praveen's graduation. Today was mine. Ours. Mummy couldnt sleep the whole night, she woke up at 4am++ and woke me 1 1/2 hour later. Fats jumped up and we went to Starlite Diner for breakfast. I was feeling pretty calm, kinda excited when it was closing in to 9am.

We arrived at Dom Ucheonei (Russian Academy of Science) at M.Krapotkinskaya to find many others standing around the courtyard. I saw Douglas, Sunny, Quek, Aksan, Mun Yee and many other familiar faces with their parents. I panicked to see everyone dressed so nicely while I have yet to put on my black dress!! I sneaked inside the hall (entry only granted past 10am) and came out feeling much, much in place :)

Turkish, yours truly, Mummy and Fats! The ones I love most!!

Victor, me, Sunny, Min Guan and Yee Ling (guys carry bouquets)

Kisses to our Mothers!! Hahahaaha so sweet and cute :)

Turkish (hidden), me, Mummy, Jed, Sophie and Jed's sister- Joy

My robe fitted nicely but the mortar board was kinda loose. It didnt hit me to fix it with pins, but then again, it was my first time. Inexperienced :) Anyways, wearing it was quite a drama. A few cameramen/photographers recorded the entire scene and I was giggling away the whole time :P Mummy helped me with it, Turkish looked on while Fats snapped pictures. Everyone was moving into the building slowly and I got really excited. REALLY excited.

1. Wearing the robe

2. Mummy adjusting the hat

3. Done *notice the cameraman LOL*

Once inside..

Betty, my batchmate from Gabon striking in red!

Fizal, Macik, myself, Min and Kindut :)

Mel said we need to pin our robes *asking Mummy for it*

.. he's helped everyone with it, my turn here!!

I was very upset that Mummy and Fats sat far back :( So far back, like the second last row in the hall. Could barely see anything!! Those seats prolly costs 50pyb. They weren't with any of my groupmates' family but foreign folks. Whatever happened to the seat arrangement. Pfffftttt. The graduates sat in front. Archana was the only Gold Medalist in our year, followed by Red Diplom (1st Class Honours) and then commoners of Blue Diplom. I sat in between Aksan and Sunny.

See how upset Fats was, only my mother can accept such mistreat

The stage of VIPs and country representatives

A view of my seat (Aksan's shiny bald head)

Harlooooo.. yours truly is finally graduating!!

You know, Aksan is a real man. Hwong actually forgot to bring his robe and hat for him. Can you believe that he was angry for like.. 10 minutes, sighed mostly and then laughed about it? RESPECT! If I were him, I would have thrown a huge ass bitch fit! His outfit was superb for the day, a fancy French suit :) That's Aksan for you. He managed to borrow from someone who had gone upstage to receive the Diplom.

So the moment is finally here. Row by row of names were called, we cheered for each other and when my name was called, I felt like jelly. It was as though everything around me was shut off, all I concentrated on was "DO NOT TRIP" and "DO NOT STEP ON YOUR ROBE". Hahahahaaa imagine I fall on the steps and land flat on my face!! A few of the guys before us nearly tripped. My heart skipped a beat each time LOL

Kinda blur because of the distance but yeahhh, that's me!! LOL

First thing I did was ran to Mummy and Fats!! :)

Before reciting the Hippocratic Oath, aaahhhh..

Try to spot me LOL

Victor and I.. BFF!! (Best Friends Forever)

The Kitchen Crew! "We did it!!" *hugs*

I am officially a doctor as of today. If I see someone dying and not help, I can be sued. OMG. I am licensed to kill save people's lives! Everybody was beaming with joy, parents, Mummy, Fats and Tolga.. everybody. I don't really know how to describe how I felt but the only person in my mind the most throughout the day was Daddy. I felt that he was overlooking the scene, watching his baby girl graduate and soaring with pride. I love Daddy and miss him so, so much still.

It is a day I felt this proud of myself. Proud that Mummy and Fats enjoyed themselves here, glad that they managed to visit Russia and us, being together for 1 week plus. That meant the most to me. Turkish is a new "member" to the family :) I like how Mummy always nudges me to take group pictures, laughs whenever Turkish showers me with affection and she looks forward to Turkish's visit to Malaysia ;)

Mummy who cried happy tears, inside

This is me, the same person and always will be.. if not, better :)


tiffany said...

gurl!!! congrats on ur graduation day!!! u're soo stunning like u always do... n everything looked sooo perfect overthere, hoping that ours will be just great as urs... when r u coming to our place ya???

Hannan said...

congratulation darling! now u have the licience to kill ... damn cool!
:) u looked great in the robe.. :)

Gorgeous Ol' Eve. Prefers Vanilla To Chocolate. You? said...

Thank youuuuu!! I am exhilarated. Really speechless :) Yours will be grrrrreat and glamorous too, I cant wait for your pictures!!!

Julz said...

I'm counting on your to give me MC ok!!

Gorgeous Ol' Eve. Prefers Vanilla To Chocolate. You? said...

Your cupboard full of vitamins, no need MClaahhhh!!

ManMeng said...

Congrats by a lot and a lot Evey!
Sorry been silent for months without update, but I do still read your updates and feel happy with your achievements! go go go!

Time flies! 7 years omg. But sure sweeter thing comes later from all the hardship, and haha, saw your brother in the picture. Looks like one that I bumped across the road here. :P