Friday, June 06, 2008

GOS Exam - Part 1

Part 1 is just MCQ and it's nothing to yell about. Either you do it yourself, or randomly scribble 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5. In Malaysian slang, we call it "main tikam". Prick on any answer with the tip of your pen. 189 foreign students from English and Russian medium sat together in the lecture hall of Forensic Medicine Department. 70% came in smart, formal dress code including yours truly (clad in my new lab coat!).

Spontaneous capture of the entrance at 815am

Hahahaha I caught Rajiv in his goody-two-shoes outfit

Exam was supposed to start at 830am but papers werent handed out till 10am. The lecture hall was as loud as market, often camera flashes sparked in the background. I was bored to death waiting for it to start. In more common or normal cases, medical students should be running cold sweat down their spines but I guess not today. It is reserved for next Monday, when Part 2 REALLY counts. I was busy snapping pictures of the bustling/hustling atmosphere, even with exam invigilators parked in front of us.

The view of the hall seating, more or less :)

Prof. Teziekov (in black) wrote this, whatever "crib" meant
He's even explaining to his peer! I really wonder what HIS dictionary says

Aaahhh.. and they say, "Old habits die hard"
My beloved Quek sleeping on the first day of exam LOL

Our vice Dean, Lydia Ivanovna scurried into the lecture hall, 2 hours later with what I would like to imagine, a metal safe case or something that should have been worth the wait. Instead, it was in a worn off duffle-looking bag with stacks of MCQ booklets. We officially started at 1015am I think. We were loaned with ball point pens and the brand was a joke. I'll upload a picture of it here. You can see for yourself. I guess we needed it prior to the GOS examinations. Especially next Monday for Part 2!!

Sexy Ol' Lydia (finger pointing) in discussion with the others

Melvyn Edwards, the black dude and Farid Khan distributing pens..

... and the brand name is "MIRACULOUS 30" LOL

Now you truly know how funny people in the medical field can be :)

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