Monday, June 09, 2008

GOS Exam - Final

IT IS OVER AND DONE WITH! *let out a deep breath of freedom*

Boss, Pisa and I marched towards Abrikosovskii Pereulok close to 815am. Everyone was gathered in the building and words like "5 went in already" increased my blood pressure. While most flocked together to go in together as tactical team, I went in spontaneously and one of them behind my trail was Quek. He was dressed so smartly somemore. He grinned, "
Sei jau sei laa" (Cantonese="Die means die").

Anxiety in the air, I snapped this at the entrance

At the registration, I randomly (saying prayers at the same time) picked my envelope No.22 which contained 3 cases: Therapy, Surgery and Gynaecology. Everything happened so fast, the next thing I know, my name was called and dumped in front of the 1st Panel of Professors. Therapy and Surgery went well but Gynaecology was shit. The old professor lady, said to me matter-o-factly, "
Better if you speak Russian" and I knew it right away.. I'm fucked. Well, at least I struggled in style. Later, I found out she is Yilanskava Hospital's Best. Pfffttt. Good for her. Bitch. Hahahahahaahaha it's all good because..

I got 5 for Therapy, 5 for Surgery and 4 for Gynaecology!!!

**That's superb!! It's equivalent to 2As and 1B!!

I don't think anyone got a 3. Boss got the exact result like me and Pisa.. wooooohoooo!! She got all 5s!!! 6 and 1/2 years of our lives spent in Moscow Medical Academy feels worthy now, come to think of it. The rest of the photos are taken after the exam, so much joy and laughter. All I saw were wide smiles and greetings like "Doctor!" and talks about ZONA Club!! OMG. I am sooooo excited since I am the one organising it!! LOL

Pisa's victorious hug to Wishnu, knowing she got 5-5-5!!

3 flatmates who lala-ed prepared for this exam together :P

Quek and I, who charged in on our own and out :)

"Ma/Pa/Darling/Everybody, I'm done!!"

Bunch of kakis who stayed around posing for pictures LOL

Peace sign and smiles come together!! *peace sign*

Quite a few disappeared the minute they walked out of the building, people like yours truly lingered and moved in with the pack for lunch. No one elaborated much of their experiences with the panels, we were just too thrilled it was over. Following are pictures snapped in front of the founder of our university, Ivan Mihailovic Sechenov.

I love this (almost) guy's group picture, notice Lai Yee's the rose LOL
The Malay boys are always a good sport to have around, bundle of sweethearts

With Rajiv, Mun Yee and Zhao Ing, lovely Fatin and Ju :)

Wokay.. last picture of close this entry
There are many in my batch, whom I will remember for the rest of my life :)



Pisa knows all sees all said...

yeeeeoooooosssss! Congratulations, doctor! We shall celebrate and parrrtttaaayyyyy on Saturday night at Zona!

at0m said...

great photos! )

wicrap said...

WAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!!...really happy for u. Non-sarcastic, non-hidden meaning. LOL. must clarify first.

Emonix said...

Congrats! Good job lil sis.

Gorgeous Ol' Eve. Prefers Vanilla To Chocolate. You? said...

Thank you, thank you all!
I am verrrrrry happy, plus I did it for my Dad *smiles*