Monday, June 30, 2008

Friendship Food

Quote of the day: "The wok must be hot" - Viro

My afternoon was slow and wet. I came home to find Vv alone, in her scrubs and pajamas.

Hahahahaaa her scrubs were stolen from GH and printed "Untuk kegunaaan hospital sahaja" (still got the cheek to wear to sleep and all over the place!). We caught up for a bit and she went on watching How I Met Your Mother until Pisa returned to the crib. Pisa has been running in and out of the Dean's Office for paperworks and whatnots, got a lot of shit from different individuals too. Bless her.

Highlight of the day was dinner at DRUZHBA! We rendezvous-ed with Boss at M.Novoslabodskaya around 9pm. We charged into the Chinese joint like a bunch of hungry wolves, settled down comfortably in the heavy Oriental decorated restaurant. Each of us picked a dish while I ordered in Mandarin. Speaking Mandarin to these Chinans always gives me a slur. Lucky I my tongue didnt tangle up. We had a sumptuous feast of Ma Po Tofu (told you I'd be back for more LOL), Stir-fried Brinjal, Chicken with Bread Crumbs and a Pork dish. Yums!!

Viro choosing her dish.. "Oi, woman! Fasterlahhh"

Boss and Pisa, feels good seeing them together~

Dishes prepared in less than 10 minutes! Except the pancakes (no wok LOL)

Taken before dinner from the left angle, nicer ;)

And guess what, all of us ate with chopsticks! Food came in the speed of lightning, Pisa didnt even have time for a smoke! I tell you, these Chinese can really operate business. If we had gone to Devi's (Indian food), we would have to wait at least an hour for a sight of Naan. Serious!

After dinner, we sat around yakking. It was pure joy. Then we started to feel sleepy.. Food Coma kicked in LOL As soon as we got up from our chairs to leave, Gary and Justin passed our table. They had their dinner there too. Maybe it was just me but Justin ignored my presence (he greeted everyone). Pfffttt. What's his beef with me? I didnt welcome his girlfriend to ZONA Club issit LOL Whatever.

Fish tank for good feng shui (even when the seaweed's fake :P)

Verrrrrry Chinese, eh?

Uhmmm.. I was particularly amused with the disco ball on the ceiling LOL

Tomorrow Leed Wi and his friends will come to Moscow. I have made plans to meet him, prolly for dinner to but that is up to Turkish because we are meeting in the evening. I suppose he would join if timing is right. Then on Wednesday, I have to make a run to the Dean's Office to seal the deal. On Thursday, I will attend Hannan and Shida's Graduation! Basically M2's Graduation. I reckon it's a good idea to do so because that gives me an opportunity to see my RSMU counterparts for one last time :)


Anonymous said...

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Gorgeous Ol' Eve. Prefers Vanilla To Chocolate. You? said...

Ooohhh.. hello there. I believe your "Ford" is just as good *rofl*. Welcome!