Thursday, June 12, 2008

Free Or Not

I am so tired. Days are passing by so quickly, I can imagine Graduation Day here already. I also feel mentally tired about the post-GOS exam party at ZONA Club. Response is awesome, up to 50 people but I didn't know clubs here are not like Malaysia.

Back home, getting a table is no problem. Take Asian Heritage Row for example, 1 bottle of Jack Daniels 0.75L (RM350=2500pyb) for 5 fellas and you get the best service, nice spot and stuff.
So this is my 2nd time clubbing in Moscow and definitely my 1st time organising one. I've never did something like that before, even in Kuala Lumpur since tables from Wed-Saturdays are taken care of by my friends. Only my presence is required.

I spoke to the manager of ZONA Club and she said for 30 people, I will have to pay 30,000pyb deposit. I was like, "Whoaaa, fuck it". Pisa spoke to her and we managed to come up with something. The manager assured us that on Saturday night, my friends can walk in with cover charge 250pyb.

Table or not, it's secondary now. It's a club, not a restaurant so it's not necessary to park ourselves in one spot. Turkish and I are going there earlier and definitely we will find a nice place and make it a "station". I mean, there are 5 floors in the building, come to think of it, it's really no point to book a table for 50 people LOL Anyways, it's all good and I just hope everyone will enjoy themselves. That's the most important agenda of the night :)

Turkish and I didnt visit the Oriental Arts exhibition in TSUM yesterday. My mind was too loaded with the Saturday's management. Instead, we went to a nice wine restaurant at M.Krasnopresnenskaya! I love that place actually. The waitresses were smiley-smiley, food was in big portion and not that pricey and their drinks were better. Turkish ordered a non-alcoholic cocktail called Virgin Colada. Yummy!!

What we had for dinner, whilst in discussion about Saturday's event

Me, scribbling the paper pasted on the table LOL

My partner in crime, sketching some artsy-fartsy picture

Taken outside the Moscow Zoo, trying to hide my supposedly unshaven ketiak LOL


CK said...

chin joo, thanks for organising that party at zona yaa, i know its not easy, haha, definitely must attend :)
just let us know exactly how much per person that night, no point in trying to cover the extra costs with your own money, ok?
will see you tomorrow, till then, cheers~

Gorgeous Ol' Eve. Prefers Vanilla To Chocolate. You? said...

Hehehehee it's all good, my friend. Just come and enjoy the party!!