Sunday, June 22, 2008

Free & Easy

We arrived Moscow about 6am to find the city in a ruckus and mess. Yalahhh, so Russia beat Netherlands 3-1 last night. No need to behave like hooligans on the streets and scream their lungs out at every turning of a junction *roll my eyes*.

For one thing, Mummy is always intimidated by these kind of attitude. Her face turns pale and she grips onto her bag tightly. The 4 of us headed to Starlite Diner at M.Mayakovskaya and only to my disappointment, that place was under-staff and drunkards sprawling all over the tables. Mosseta Theater was bloody filthy with scraps and thrash, service was terrible and their famous Egg Benedict came overcooked. Machibai. Should have gone straight home to sleep!!

How disappointing.. I promised I'd make it up to them next time!!

After our dismal breakfast (and its environment), we parted with Turkish. Later in the afternoon, Mummy and I went shopping while Fats happily stayed home watch his House MD series. We scouted the sales in Festival, I bought some stuff from ZARA and other stuff. Not to say too interesting also LOL But it was fun. So relaxed and not in hurry to sightsee. Ahhhh.. finally :) For dinner, I took them to YAKITORIA nearby our place. The same place we celebrated CNY 2 years ago when Praveen and Kai Yen Yen was around.

Common sight of Fats wrapped up comfortably in my room

I'm just gonna post some pictures and call it an entry.

I think I influenced Mummy with my camwhore-ness *gasp!!*

Fats all Hawaiian to the Japanese joint LOL

One thing about the Sashimi in Moscow.. they are huge!!

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