Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Fingers Crossed

.. so hard that the phalanges should crack

I still feel like I am not doing enough. I mean, I hold on to my notes but most of the time I find myself staring blankly at them. My mind then wanders elsewhere in its own dimension. Current thoughts are where to bring Mummy and Fats when they visit! I am so excited about the aftermath. By right I should be worried about the exams yet even now, I am sitting in front of the laptop typing away.

Boss and Pisa went to Festival (a shopping mall near us) for coffee and it's been hours since they left the house. They did invite me along but I know I will feel guilty going out to jalan-jalan. Even if I coop myself up in the house doing nothing, I won't feel as bad LOL

I miss Turkish. I have been burying my nose in Kumar and Clark's for the past few days, it's starting to smell a bit stale (Kumar and Clark are authors of the 8-10kg Medicine textbook :P). The kitchen is currently a living hell. No fridge, no food, no snacks but a sea of papers and dirt. Weather has been gloomy to symbolise my mood. "Ooohhh, woe is me.. woe is me". On a happier note, Mummy and Fats have applied for the visas. If the process has zero glitch, they'll receive on Monday/Tuesday! Yay! Boss and Pisa's parents are staying at service apartments while my family members will bunk in my hall room.

*ooohh, brb.

I think I went out to get some grilled chicken for dinner. I can't remember what I was going to continue but anyways.. time to get my hands on Will Weston. I'm sick and tired of Kumar and Clark. They're old, fat and too much to handle. Will Weston is gotten fresh from the site, sleek and very easy to work on. Oooohhh-lala. Rest assured. They are really just ink on papers LOL


adry azad said...

ehehe.. your diagram of the human damn cute rite?

Gorgeous Ol' Eve. Prefers Vanilla To Chocolate. You? said...

Hehehee quitelahhh ;)