Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Detsky Mir

Yesterday, I was super happy to meet Turkish despite my exhaustion from the adrenaline rush earlier cum my 5-hour sleep the night before exam. We went to check out the sales going on now at Detsky Mir, one of Russia's biggest/main toy stores. We read on the news announcement some time back that it will be closed down for years for renovation. Turkish frowned at the article because it's not exactly renovation but a change from the Soviet-style architectural design to fitting the "European standard" definition.

There are rumours that Moscow's endangered landmarks such as St Basil's Cathedral, Tsaritsyno Estate and other Metro stations will soon share the same "makeover" fate soon. Ohhh well. The sales are good though, items on discount from 20-70%. Detsky Mir's toys are not cheap, you know. Now is like the best time to be grabbing everything off their shelves. Turkish and I took the final opportunity to snap pictures of its interiors, something we will never see again. It is somewhat sad, Detsky Mir is beautiful and a haven for toddlers (and maybe grown ups) alike.

The Bear band playing at the east entrance of Detsky Mir :)

There is even a carousel on the 1st Floor!! Only kids allowed LOL

They sell the tiniest toys to live-size camels! Cost a bomb, of course!

Fancy masks for a party? *puuuurrrssss*

We wanted to buy a box of puzzle set to build together but we came to our senses that we dont have that much free time LOL It would have been really nice, though :) After leaving the place hand in hand, we had our dinner at Juggernaut. It's an Indian vegetarian restaurant around the corner from Detsky Mir.

The restaurant has 2 parts actually, the one at the entrance is like stalovaya (Russian=canteen). Pick the dishes you like, then the staff will scoop and microwave it for you. We chose a trayful of food, and little did we know, further into the seating hall (totally stalovaya-style).. the REAL restaurant is inside. It looked much poser. At least like a normal restaurant. Turkish suggested that we should come back here again. Sure! Food was awesome! Pisa's dhal is still a strong No.1 though LOL

This is me, pointing at a shish vegetarian kebab stick LOL
On My Tray: A miserable piece of "meat" patty and a close runner up dhal

They sell lots of Asian food products, every kind of spices etc

Turkish and his compote, while I had some weird organic drink

I loved the ambiance of Juggernaut, very the zen!

I went shopping today and I nearly dropped. My hands were full with god-knows-what I have so many bags to carry LOL I shopped for Turkish too! He doesnt have any dark coloured clothes so I bought black t-shirts, shirts for him. He looks sooooooo stylish :) I'm thinking of shopping again tomorrow but right now, I really gotta go to bed. I might have to make an appointment with the manager of ZONA Club to pay deposit for 30++ people. The number is pretty scary, to be honest. I really gotta confirm with the guest list because those "maybe attending" or "last minute only decide" will be on their own. I cant guarantee their entrance since Face Control is tight, or so I heard *shrugs*.


Emonix said...

Detsky Mir is the FAO Schwartz of NYC. You can only afford the stuff when it's 70% off, sometimes it's even too expensive at that price, LOL.

Now that exam is over, what are you planning to do? Find a place and a job in Moscow or somewhere else in Russia? You should come visit some day, it'll be nice. :)

gorgeous ol' eve prefers vanilla to choc. you? said...

Really? It's also expensive in US? OMG. Gotta teach the kids how to play guli and batu seremban LOL

I've got some plans in my head apart from returning to Malaysia for hell. Nothing much is confirmed but visiting you in (Hello, New York!!) is one of them :) :) :)

Hannan said...

darling... actually even old adult like u can go up to the carousel ....

I did!

Gorgeous Ol' Eve. Prefers Vanilla To Chocolate. You? said...

But there were only kids!! Good for youlahhh, shows you're still a child LOL

Hannan said...

yes... a very cute one :)

muscovite said...

i really miss this place....