Friday, June 13, 2008

Chop My Sticks

It was such a hot day, damn it. I joined Pisa and Khairimi shopping in Manezhnaya for a little while before meeting Turkish. He took me to a wonderful Japanese restaurant in Krasnopresnenskaya (the walk was helluva far, nearly broke my legs). He claimed that there is a branch in my area but I never noticed any also..

Here you go, the huge Japanese joint

Anyways, it turned out to be ICHIBAN BOSHI! Hahaha there IS one in Yugo-Zapadnaya!! My boyfriend wasnt lying! The place was posh, the non-smoking section was peaceful, the seats were huge and comfortable, but it was so obvious that the waiter and waitresses are all Mongolians. Ohh well.. this is Russia for you. Always hiring these folks pretending to be natives of the cuisine. When we enter they all screamed "Yo mama, bishi bishi.. something something ni Laima tata". I guess they were trying to greet us in Japanese LOL

Hahahahaha Turkish is damn sneaky to catch me on this one

Food was good though, variety aplenty. Their menu was like 10-page thick! I had a tough time choosing from the menu. Turkish on the other hand, was telling me how he doesnt know how to use the chopsticks, so I got the waitress to bring him the "fixer" tied at the end of the chopsticks for beginners. Hahahahaa Turkish didnt use it anyways. We just ordered a little bit of this and that.. this was what we had!

We had dessert too.. but I'm lazy to edit them :P

Tomorrow is the Post-GOS Exam party *wink, wink*.


soolynnie said...

Heiya!!! Ichiban Boshii is like so damn big... we have one in Malaysia as well (Pavilion) and also few in Singapore. Good food.

Gorgeous Ol' Eve. Prefers Vanilla To Chocolate. You? said...

Serious?? So famous kaaa? I didnt even know LOL