Thursday, June 19, 2008

By The Baltics

Superb 3 days 2 nights in St.Petersburg with Mummy, Fats and Turkish!!

I havent stop grinning from the evening we left Moscow on an 8-hour train ride and back this morning. Turkish and I have planned this a month ago, for a little trip up north of Russia. Mummy and Fats enjoyed themselves very much, so did the both of us. Key word: CJ Tours.

Hahahahaaa CJ Tours is priceless.

Upon arrival at Moskovskii Vokzal at 9am++

Can't complain about our accommodation at CUBA Hostel. Its location is perfect, behind the Kazansky Cathedral and a block away from the main Nevsky Prospekt. Everything was reachable by foot. Mummy has a bad knee, she injured it a couple of months ago but being the strong, indomitable (thank you for the correction!!) woman she is.. we took intervals by parking ourselves on benches and cafes.

We had breakfast at this cheap Bistro called ProKaffein, ProKofin or something, somewhere opposite Kazansky Cathedral. Most of the ala carte dishes were under 100pyb. It was goOOooOOOod!! Turkish had the map of the city input-ed into his head (I seriously adore him for this skill!) so he was the real guide behind CJ Tours! I depend on him on everything, my Mum and I just lala-ed on the streets while Fats and him towed the luggages :P

Do check ProKaffein out, or Laima Bistro.. just as good!!

Fats in front of the Church of the Saviour On Blood (what a name)

The canals look like the ones in Venice, thanks to Petr I

On our first day, we scoped around the city. Visited the Hermitage, spent hours in there. The collection of art pieces they have took my breath away. I have been to St.Pete's in my 4th year with my group mates, revisiting this place kinda refreshed my memories. I had to show Fats two of Leonardo da Vinci's works, both "Madonna and Child". Turns out, Fats has very deep knowledge and interest in art as well! Guess it runs in the family :)

The Hermitage fa├žade (partly under reconstruction)

Portraits in the hall of dead military generals fame

My brother likes to mimic the poses of people in the paintings LOL

This is one of my favourites! Turkish smooching me and I, Mummy :)

The four of us by Neva River, on a relatively sunny day!!

St. Petersburg was packed with tourists, groups big and small. Nevsky Prospekt was so crowded we had a hard time trying to pass through the herds sometimes. The locals were friendly, helpful whenever we asked for directions and they dont wear expressions as gloomy as the Muscovites. What a change. There was a lot of setting ups in the city, stages and all but we had no clue for what. Maybe some weekend shows.. kinda spoil the scenery with metal scaffoldings and stuff *frowns*.

We were too tired by the time we got to Peter and Paul Fortress. Half of the area was also under renovation, we lazily walked around and left for dinner. It was a mistake. Big, big mistake to randomly choose this stupid, shitty Japanese restaurant called Eurazia. Eurazia, my arse. Service was LOUSY, food came cold and waitresses looked like cock. I was freaking pissed off at the whole place. Damn lan si (Cantonese=arrogant). They have a large chain but remember, DO NOT GO THERE.

Pffftttt.. this is the place you don't want to be, definitely not me!


kahuna said...

did u just write that your mommy is an "abominable" woman?

if i'm not mistaken, "abominable" means despicable, unpleasant, in other words, something you don't generally describe your lovely mom with.


i think the word you were fumbling for was "indomitable."

nice blog by the way. makes me wanna come to russia. although you need to go through Hell's gate in order to get a Visa there.

Gorgeous Ol' Eve. Prefers Vanilla To Chocolate. You? said...

Hey.. thanks, I didnt realise abominable woman means that really. I only pictured strength, warm and fuzzy :)

So indomitable it is! Thanks for visiting my blog. If you are determined to make a holiday here, I'm sure even Hell wouldnt be too hard for you!