Saturday, June 28, 2008

Boobies Boogie

Our night at Hard Rock Cafe definitely was a must-do.

Like the Chinese saying, "I don't know how much leg hair I've dropped in that place". Hahahahaha from casual dinners to birthday bashes (my 19th and 21st). We didnt manage to get a strategic table but towards the end of the night, I realised it was a pretty good spot! We could see everyone scurrying towards the dancefloor and the over-excited party people.

Wishi-wishu, myself, Turkish and Pisa (V's taking the pic)

Pisa and Viro *smoooooches, babys*

Me and my sweet, sweet Turkish :)

The atmosphere reminded me of the Pushkin disco in the good old days. Packed with Russians, young crowd, dancing as though being electrocuted on high voltage! Village People's YMCA is still a hit, always THE song to get the crowd moving. Sadly, the new HRC staff who starts aren't as enthusiastic anymore. Back then, they were really into it as though it was the gay calling and they had more than enough energy to run a march. I spotted some waitresses rolling their eyes. Pfffftttt. How unprofessional.

YMCA isnt as fun as it used to be

C4's classic Umbrella song, now I'm doing it to Wishnu :P

Turkish enjoyed people-watching. Wishi-wishu was hoping to drink on the Tequila cowgirl, I mean drink with.. or was it drunk her :P Vv, Pisa and I had a good 3 round of tequila shot. Oooof. Tequila *brrrrrrr!!*. Maybe I didnt dance or move much, the alcohol was just sitting in my stomach. Easily I would have "1 tequila, 2 tequila, 3 tequila.. floor!!". Lucky I managed to control myself LOL

Tequila cowgirl preparing our shots

Round 1 : To Viro, "Welcome back to Moscow!"

Round 2 : "Aaahhhh.. Hahhahahaa" *gulp*

Round 3 : .... just look at our faces LOL

The night was slightly amiss without Boss around. He was prolly on the train returning from St.Petersburg with his folks. It's always strange to see Pisa in action without her other half. Nevertheless, we all enjoyed ourselves. Wishi-wishu wasnt in his best mood though, tired perhaps. He headed back to the hostel and we dispersed from the joint too.

3 females doctors on the strip of Arbat! :)

Now, I can't wait to go to the Safari Circus tomorrow with Turkish!

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