Saturday, June 21, 2008

Blue And Gold

Rococo architecture!! OMG. I am freaking envious of the Catherine I *screams*. Her summer getaway in Tsarskoye Selo (Pushkin region) is gorgeous!! Unfortunately, palace was closed for renovation :( So we roamed around the compound, the lake and the Cameron Gallery. It would have been great to look-see inside her palace. The famous Amber Room, Grand Ballroom and the Palace Chapel. Would have been great.. ohhhh well.

Mummy hiding her pink skinnies LOL

Turkish trying to be funny by pulling down my sleeves :P

Fats and Turkish in front of the Cameron Gallery

We had light lunch by the lake and I bought bread for us to feed the birds/ducks. Fats had a good time throwing crumbs to them but soon, the evilness in him made him throw crumbs AT the birds LOL Turkish is a child of nature, he enjoys wading through bushes and putting his hands on tree barks, leaves and flowers. Then come touch my face!! It's really not surprising why I have pimples sprouting like them.

My Mummy *giggles*

Hehehehe before Fats starting hitting at the birds

Nature's best ;)

Mummy and Turkish having a chitchat under the sun :)

Another group picture in front of the Pushkin statue :) :) :)

We were very relaxed, revitalised in the green surroundings. Then headed back to St.Petersburg for dinner and Circus on Water!! You know what, the LOMOGRAPHY shop closed down :( We were disappointed but Turkish said its my fault that I didnt treat Diana+ so well in this trip *sniff, sniff*. But there was a French bakery next door which sold delicious pastries and yummy bread. Yummmmy!! It was the same place I went 2 years ago with my group mates, I dropped my Olympus camera. Exact same spot!! Turkish and I ordered a table full of French pastries. Mummy loved the Eclairs, so did I.

Don't ask me what Fats is doing LOL

Turkish patiently waiting for the train to arrive

Fats cheekily asked me, "Would you like some quiche, Mademoiselle?"

Our Circus on Water was at 7pm. Instead of the usual stage, this one is a pool with water and podium in the center. The show was alright, more like a dance/laser spectacular because the only animals which appeared were 6 poodles, one hypnotic duck, 2 gigantic pythons and one alligator. Sounds alot? Not at all. Didn't impress me one bit. I mean, their costumes looked pretty, colourful and women wore thongs mostly. Pffffttttt.. performers nowadays should be more conservative. It should be decent family entertainment LOL

It was full house!! didnt see any empty seats when it started

Mummy and Fats definitely enjoyed the show!! :)

Hehehehee the poodles in line, small and hyperactive

Collage of the circus performers, check out the S&M hoop lady

We left 20 minutes before the show ended.. there wasnt anything else. When we hurried out (to the train station), the emcee announced that they were going to have a competition between adult males or something like that. Off we went to head back to Moscow :)


wicrap said...

last year i went , catherine was also closed.

ooohh oohhh...must try. River cruise!

Gorgeous Ol' Eve. Prefers Vanilla To Chocolate. You? said...

Hahahahaa I've been in there when I went with my group mates. I surfed the net and saw those beautiful pictures.. damn it, wasted!!

tiffany said...

hey girl!!! missing u a lot maaa...

so u'r doing great rite...
oops, congrats to u my dear... n congrats to me tooo...

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