Sunday, June 01, 2008

Art Interest

I needed a treat to feast my eyes on paintings. It's been a while. Turkish and I dropped by the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts in the afternoon and I am truly convinced that my boyfriend is the best find ever. He enjoys art as much as I do, though he prefers Landscape paintings while I like Renaissance pieces. I was delirious when he told me which painter did what, why and their inspirations. OMG. He was like an audio-guide!!

I think taken at Hall No.13 or 15 (Matisse's collection if I'm not mistaken)

Turkish checking out the burnt violin display, very creative

My beloved art interest and I *grins*

It was my 2nd visit to the gallery and my favourite painting is Paul Signac's "Pine tree at St.Tropez". It's mosaic-like motives simply takes my breath away. I was very, very impressed with Turkish's knowledge and the stories behind the framed paintings. I mean, Monet and Manet are both French impressionist but he could tell how different they were. He was surprised that I didnt know Auguste Rodin's famous sculpture, The Kiss but I felt great that he did :)

We didnt manage to test out Sony W120 in full throttle because the weather was gloomy and I was shivering. No prize for being under-dressed. My jacket was too thin. It's okay anyways. I had to scoot back early to hit the books. Dating had to be cut short *sniff, sniff*. We had early dinner at Kvartira 44 at Bolshaya Nikitskaya ulitsa (somewhere passed the Moscow Conservatory). Hahahahaa rarely do we return to a restaurant more than once. But since we were close to the area, I suggested we go there again.

It's a nice place, very cozy with interiors like an apartment. Not too old, not shabby nor Soviet-styled. Just very homey and I wouldnt mind my apartment looking like that!! Except without beds LOL Just book shelfs, little cushions, a piano, and more book shelfs. I had an interesting cold soup called Greek Tzatziki while Turkish had Borsch. OMG. Their so called Garlic Bread (crispy garlic grenki) was to die for. Served hot and sprinkled with Mozarella cheese, yummers!!

Hahahahaa my very unshaved boyfriend :)

What a meal! Their choice of dessert is limited though..

Long day ahead tomorrow, gotta hand in some paperworks and check on the invitation letters. Need to send them back for my Mum to apply for their visas to come here!!


Julz said...

eh didn't know you're into art. Next time I draw you stickman and send to you ok. =P

Gorgeous Ol' Eve. Prefers Vanilla To Chocolate. You? said...

Hahahaha yalahhh, how many times I told you to bring me to that Bristol Gallery/Museum.. didnt happen also.

Julz said...

that's because you were too busy shopping!!

Gorgeous Ol' Eve. Prefers Vanilla To Chocolate. You? said...

True.. but still! You could have brought me to shop at Park Street then we just drop by right?? :P

Julz said...

come to bristol again then i'll bring u shop in park street lar