Thursday, May 29, 2008

We Are Done

I got my zacheot!! I got my last zacheot!!!

Hahahahahaa today is the last day of our class, the last day of the semester and the last day of Medical school. The last day we will be as a group and the last day we will be students. No shit, Sherlock. We are semi-official doctors!!! Since we have our finals still and that one day to wear our hats and robes.

Fuck. I'm tipsy as I am writing this entry. Hahaahahahaha I am in my best mood and I cannot type properly. Pardon me. I am just so happy because, because, because we had a great after-party and after that, I proceeded with Aksan, Hwong, Sunny, Quek and Min Guan to an Irish pub for more drinks. Drinks as in alcoholic drinks. Hahahahahahaa booze, booze!! I came home and I knew in my state of mind, I need to record this down.

Sweet, sweet Sukhi and I *grins* He lifts me up in the happiest times!

Group 3's signature gesture LOL
Tribute to our Russian teacher, Genrihovna (4th Year)

LFK. That's it. LFK ended and we all got our 7th zacheot from Prof.Evgeni :) He was nice, he asked a few questions and it was nothing I couldnt handle! *drinks more, more!!* Boss and Pisa are in the house and we had our all-time favourite wine, Reunite. Let me sing, "Reunite and it feels so gooooood~". So yeahhh. By 11.30am, we were done and settled. I prepared cocktail sausages and Swiss rolls. Group 5 prepared tuna and egg mayo sandwiches!! Kudos!! Aksan brought a bottle of champagne to blow and seriously, I was very happy. Shit, I still am!!

Group 2 didnt stay with us though. They had their own agendas. I was kinda disappointed since they never mentioned anything. I somehow became the organiser for the after-party and I think we did a great job. OMG. My head is spenning. Turkish is coming back from Istanbul today and I have to go pick him up LOL I need to sober up, otherwise I might hug someone else :P

Final exams on 6th and 9th June. No shit. Next Friday is MCQ and oral is next, next Monday. Foooooshhh. Finals. Could it be easy? Could it be as fun as drinking ciders? That Irish pub surely served delicious Honey Ciders. Everytime I order a cider, I remember Michelle Chia's Strongbow. OMG. I miss drinkign. On the 9th, after the exam is over, I swear I will drink my guts out. How many more times will you be partying with your batchmates anyways?

Quek is always brutal to me! And Aksan is just chillin'.. took him 9 years! *congrats!*

More than anyone, I felt damn happy for Aksan :) He finally gets to graduate!!

Siew Lian, Min Guan tai lo, Jan Jan and I

Yee Ling, Sangeeta from Sri Lanka, Elizabeth and I (very uncanny picture LOL)

Aaaahhh, fuck. I cant type anymore. To my friends, I love you guys. To my flatmates, Boss and Pisa, I love you most. To my family, I love you all for eternity. To Turkish.. *thats confidential LOL*. Let me post some pictures of the day. The very last day as a student. OMG. It felt like just yesterday we were disco-dancing in Pushkin, hauled ass to Ismailovskaya for classes (1st Year) and struggling to clear zacheot for Pharmacology (3rd Year), TopoAnatomy (4th Year) *my head is spinning, fuck* and all those dreadful Russian classes. If I look back, hell I am so gonna miss all 6 years here with my friends. Everyone. Those whom I got to know better, spent more time with for the past 1 1/2 years.

At Rosie's: I drank a pint of Honey Cider and Corona Extra, excellent bad combo!

*slumped on the keyboard*...


W1 said...

congrats n gd luck in ur exams.
go back kl we drink summore..hoho

Emonix said...

congrats u lil drunk! LOL

Sha said...

My best! Congratulations are in order. Go kick buttocks next week.(I also got 3 papers starting from 4th!) All the best!

Come back and we shall thani. Ahahhahahahah karat siuuuut. Love you.

Gorgeous Ol' Eve. Prefers Vanilla To Chocolate. You? said...

Hahahahahaa I read this today and bloody embarrassing!!

Leeds: You promise aahhh, we yum seng kau lat, kau lat!

Kor: Thank you, thank you :)

My best: Hehehehee how not to thani, its one of C4s must-do activities!! FaiEzal said he'll throw a bash for me worrrr!! Good luck in your exams too!!