Saturday, May 31, 2008

Vomit After Vodka

In my extreme happiness and well, state of drunkenness, I didnt realise I posted my blog address on Facebook. The number of visitors for the past 2 days sky-rocketed. If this was the murder site like the movie, Untraceable, the victim would have died pretty fast LOL

I guess I don't care who reads my blog anymore. I used to, since writing here was an alternative to my diary-keeping habits. I have been writing since I was 12 and yes, I have a stack of them back in my room in Malaysia. During the shift, I collected 7 (400-page thick ass logbooks). Every page was filled with ink and occasionally, drawings. All the silly scribblings in my early teens :)

I brought my habit to Moscow but the German boyfriend I was dating at that time opposed it. He said good memories should be kept in hearts (true) but it's really useless for someone who suffers memory insufficiency like me. In the beginning, my entries were very random and somewhat boring. I never uploaded any pictures nor illustrated further of the topic. It was my world to rant, to bitch, to express any emotion that emerged. Only much later, I revealed to my best friends about my blog's existence and mostly, friends in Malaysia to keep track of my life here.

From private and personal became semi-private and now nude and out in the open. I think one can easily google it too. Over the years, I improvised on my writing style and even tried to exploit my blog to making some dough. Hahahaha my blog title became quite popular. I even had invitations to join organisations to "Make the World A Happier Place", "Unite the World" (through blogging) and whatnots. But I did make some friends from Spain to USA though. Once you're in this trade, you tend to be IN it. I think having your own blog is great.

It solely depends on how the reader wants to read it, no matter how the writer writes it. So yeahhh, as long as no one extorts me or hold my words responsible like one junior girl in my uni. But then again, I'll never achieve that level of stupidity. Yupe. I will keep on writing and record about my life on daily basis.

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